Hello, blogging world! I suppose I should introduce myself.

I’m 26 and live in upstate NY – NOT New York City. It never ceases to amaze me how people automatically assume that everyone who is from NY is from the city. There’s a whole state up here! My husband and I live in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains – a far cry from Manhattan. It’s beautiful up here, and provides a great deal of places for us to go hiking.

I have always been an active person. When I was in junior high and high school it was track (100H, 400H, 4×1, and pole vault), cross country, and soccer. When I went to college, I continued with soccer (club – I was absolutely not good enough for the actual team, ha!) and picked up taekwondo. It was a blast! I made it all the way up to just before my black belt, but then I graduated and it wasn’t free anymore. And, DANG, those taekwondo classes are expensive in the real world! I also dabbled in rugby while in college, but didn’t have the time to continue (it was like joining a sorority at my school).

Once I became a full-fledged member of the adult world, I moved out to San Diego and played rugby with the San Diego Surfers for a few months – but again, didn’t have the ability to take off from work all the time to travel with the team. I looked for a new TKD dojang, but couldn’t find a place I liked.

After moving back to NY, I wanted to try my hand at rugby again, and actually started my own women’s team here – which was a huge success. I am now retired, due to a broken ankle I received in a tournament last April (2009) and the subsequent blood clot that came along with it, but the team is still going strong, and I am incredibly proud.

Upon the healing of my ankle and the realization that I can’t play anymore, I’ve switched over to running. This summer I had a student that had just started competing in triathalons and he really inspired me to dive in and see what I could do. Unfortunately, equipment for triathalons doesn’t come cheap (my bike is not so hot, and really rusted) and I am a sucky swimmer. But I’ve decided to focus on running.

Of course, just running alone doesn’t really do anything to keep me motivated. I think that’s why I always liked team/structured sports so much. I need to have something to work towards. So about a month ago, I signed myself up for the Buffalo Marathon (May 30, 2010), and the Middlebury Half Marathon (April 2010) to give myself some goals/deadlines. This blog will be my journey from being a fair-weather occasional runner to full-fledged marathoner.

So here I go!

~*~ Sarah ~*~