First off, I have to start out with explaining how great my husband is and how much I love him. He has always supported me, and although he occasionally makes fun of how ridiculous I can be sometimes, he always helps me when I need him.

That said, on to the adventure…

I signed up for the marathon back at the end of October, and at that point, it was still semi-feasible to run outside. But now that it’s getting dark so early, I just don’t feel comfortable running outside at night. We are in a very safe area, but I’d really rather not get hit by a car. So my running schedule started to fall by the wayside.

Fortunately, our apartment has a decent amount of space and a basement. I started researching treadmills and decided that was the only way I was going to continue running through the winter. So last week I found one on Craigslist (oh, how I love thee) that was a GREAT find. (a BRAND NEW Proform 8.5 Personal Trainer for $325 – wohoo!)

Unfortunately, this treadmill was 45 minutes away, and my husband and I both have tiny cars (he has a two door civic, and I have a little suzuki). So we drove down to check it out in my car. We figured if we liked it, we’d go borrow a truck and come back and pick it up.

Well, we liked it. Now to find a truck…

We first went to my husband’s office, because they have a van they use for fieldwork, and occasionally, people borrow it to move things of their own. But we didn’t feel right using it, so we went on to a Uhaul place up the road.

I had called said Uhaul place about a hour before that to ask about their cargo vans, and was told I didn’t need a reservation because neither of their two vans was reserved for the day. Needless to say, we got there, and suddenly both vans were taken. So they sent us to another Uhaul place 15 minutes away. We got there. It was CLOSED. I started calling friends who had trucks and vans, and eventually we got one.

We went back down to Craigslist-person’s house and managed to JUST barely get it out the front door and into the van (while her 80-something year old father tried to help). Once we got it home, my excellent husband decided he wanted to start taking it apart in the van, so it would be easier to get inside and down into the basement.

We managed to get it apart into four different pieces, but not before we crushed his fingers and scared the living daylights out of our dog, who just wanted to know what the heck this beast of a thing was that was sitting in HER living room, thankyouverymuch.

The beast went down into the basement and was reassembled. My husband had begun to get bitter.

The beast was turned on – it works! And it was only 7pm!

Too bad we first started this little adventure at 11:30am. And I had told him it would only take 2 hours…


By the way, I LOVE the treadmill, and so does he. The dog, not so much. We did try though. I’m no Cesar. But I will continue to try! I’ll post an actual review of the treadmill soon.