I don’t want to eat sugar anymore.

I have a HORRIBLE sweet tooth (and a peanut butter tooth) and looooooove cookies, cakes, etc. It really is a miracle that I’m not overweight.

I recently started reading “Intuitive Eating” because I always obsess about every little thing that I eat. So I’ve been focusing on eating what I’m craving, not making myself feel bad about it, and then paying attention to how I feel (physically and mentally) after I eat it.

I’ve come to the conclusion that sugar makes me feel like CRAP.

This was no surprise, of course. We’ve known this for a long time. But now that I’m really aware of how good I feel when I stay away from it, and how AWFUL I feel when I do eat it… I don’t want it anymore.

Example: Sunday was my Christmas cookie baking day. Normally, I would have inhaled about half of the cookies by now… but instead, I have barely touched them. Of course, I had about two to make sure they tasted alright, but even then, it was reluctantly. And lo and behold… I felt like crap after. Now any time I walk through the kitchen, I see the three huge, heaping plates of cookies, and I feel kind of disgusted.

This is amazing! Perhaps there’s hope for me eating healthily after all…