An Update: The cookies are DELICIOUS.

Today’s workout
Distance: 5.04 mi
Time: 50:46
Pace: 10:04/mi
Treadmill, 1.5% incline
Music: DJ Steve Boyett Podrunner Mix – 168 BPM – Dawntreader (

Ahhhhhh… It’s feeling better and better to run. My ankle doesn’t bother me at all – it was broken in a rugby tournament on April 11th (cast off May 20th) and I never thought I would recover this quickly.

Me and my hubby shortly before the game when it all went down…

That’s me (#10) and the jerkface from Union College who’s running in to tackle me and will break my ankle in a few seconds…


The aftermath – I’m the loser with the cast in the front 😦

Anyway, back to running!

I had talked to my sister previously about running the DC Marathon with her in October 2010 (her and her husband live there). It would be her first and my second. But now she’s got a trip to France planned for September (aww, poor her) and won’t be able to train for the marathon. Convenient…

I also proposed to my mom that I would put together a training schedule for her (combining the C25K and Hal Higdon’s Novice Marathon program) and we could run the 2011 Sarasota Marathon together (my parents recently moved to Florida, just south of Sarasota). She’s “thinking” about it. Which is just a nice way of saying “like hell!”

I just want somebody to run with! My husband is having his ACL repaired January 4th and will be able to start running with me around 9-10 months after that (basically this time next year), but he’s never been a big running fan. So I have my work cut out for me.

This fall I started re-training my dog to run with me. We used to try and she was HORRIBLE. But we’ve now been doing agility with her for the last year an a half and she has really gotten better at running with me and not being a complete nut. So it’s going well!

Too bad the winter is here and I don’t want to run outside until sometime around March.