After staying at work and grading exams until 9pm at night, I’m on winter break! Hooray! I’m excited to be able to get up tomorrow morning and go for my run. I never run in the morning because I’d much rather get the extra sleep, plus it’s pretty much impossible to drag myself out of our nice warm bed in the winter.

Two things I really want to do while I’m on break
1) Try out morning runs and see if I can get into the habit.
2) Meal plan and cook actual dinners for us.

A couple questions for anyone who’s reading…
* When do you work out? AM or PM? If it’s AM, how do you make yourself get going in the morning and do it?
* What are your favorite running gadgets and gear?
* What’s your favorite song to run or work out to?

I’ll start…
* I always work out in the evenings. But I’ll be trying to do AM runs over break.
* I LOOOOOOOOVE my Ipod Touch and Nike + sensor. I used to have an Ipod shuffle, but it was frustrating to not be able to have different playlists. Plus, it didn’t plug in to anything (only a headphone jack). Now I have the 32GB touch and I love finding new fun workout apps and making nifty running playlists.
* I LOOOOOOOOVE the Podrunner mixes by DJ Steve Boyett (download here). My favorites to run to are the 168 BPM – Dawntreader, 169 BPM – Volatile (I did NOT like Rumrunner), and 170 BPM – Steadfast. I’ve found the right music makes me keep my pace perfectly and keeps me energized.