I ran 8 miles tonight! My husband thinks I’m insane whenever I say, “okay, I need to go run X miles…” But I enjoy it! I actually look forward to my runs each day – particularly the long ones. There’s nothing like the satisfaction I get after a good long run.

I decided to modify my marathon training schedule and changed from the Hal Higdon Novice I to Intermediate I. I like having the medium mileage during the week. And now I’ll have multiple 20+ milers (20, 22, and 24 miles). That will make me feel much better come race day. I think I’ll be feeling much more prepared that way. I’m currently in week 2, so I have a long way to go! Luckily, race day isn’t until May 30th.

My biggest concern is overuse injuries. My shins are definitely a little achy, so I’m trying to stretch and ice them after I run. Although, I don’t really know how to stretch my shins… (if you have any suggestions, please let me know) I’m also still less than a year out from my broken ankle, so I’m trying to pay attention to that – so far, so good. But I am definitely paranoid about it.