Well, I haven’t posted in a couple days because my husband, dog, and I were driving from New York to Florida to visit my parents for Christmas. Let’s just say I’d rather not talk about the drive down. We left Friday afternoon to try and beat the worst of that storm, and managed to do kind of alright. We got to DC just as it started to snow, so the roads were fine. But people in Virginia don’t see snow that often and FREAKED OUT. We ended up driving 10 mph through the ENTIRE state of Virginia. NOT KIDDING. What should have taken 2 1/2 hours took 8. We wanted to (and did) scream. Uugh. NOT FUN.

But we’re here now. Well, we got here Saturday night, actually. Other than Virginia, we made good time. I made sure I brought my running shoes and clothes with me so I could stick to my training schedule while I’m down here, and so far, I’m not doing too bad. I didn’t get to go for my long run this Saturday because I was in the car, but I figure, as long as I do consistent 3 and 4 milers throughout the week, I won’t lose time.

I’m amazed at how different it is to run on roads again though. I know treadmill running and outdoor running are vastly different. But until this winter, I ran on treadmills so rarely that it was never an issue. But that first day back out on the roads… ACK! It kicked my butt!

The nice thing about being able to run outside down here is that I can run with my dog again. She is a GREAT running partner. I took her for 3 miles today and then did another 1.5 on my own. She was getting really tired and lagging behind, so I dropped her off at the house and then finished. I haven’t run with her in about two months. So kudos to her for keeping up for the whole 3 miles! Yay Jade!

My sister and her husband are getting down here tomorrow afternoon and I’m hoping that she’s bringing her running shoes (I just sent her a text message reminder – haha). It’ll be nice to have a person to run with! The dog is great and all, but she’s not much for conversation. And people tend to look at me funny if I talk to Jade more than “good girl!”