So I’ve found this idea on a couple people’s blogs and I really like it. The idea is to make a list of 101 things you are going to do in 1001 days. The deadline of 1001 days works out to roughly 2.75 years, and gives you more time to get tasks done – because they can sometimes be things that will take a considerable amount of time and effort. Tasks must be concrete and measurable, so you have a way of determining if you completed it or not. I’ll post my list here and keep track of my progress in this blog.

Make your own 101 in 1001 list!

Start date: December 28, 2009
End date: September 24, 2012

1. Make our wedding album
2. Make wedding albums for our parents
3. Buy a nice camera
4. Create an Etsy page and fill it with my crafting projects
5. Finish knitting the blanket I started about three years ago
6. Knit a sweater
7. Create a blog to go with my Etsy page

8. Eat clean for 1 month
9. Eat vegetarian for 1 month
10. Eat vegan for 1 week
11. Cook dinner 3x a week for 1 month
12. Give up peanut butter for 1 month
13. Take a cake decorating class
14. Plant a garden
15. Bring lunch to work for two weeks
16. Create and organize my recipe binder
17. Try one new recipe per week for three months
18. Make a traditional thanksgiving dinner

19. Complete a half marathon
20. Complete a full marathon
21. Complete a sprint triathalon
22. Complete an olympic triathalon
23. Complete P90X
24. Get down to and maintain 115 lbs
25. Complete a trail race
26. Meditate daily for 1 week
27. Do 100 push-ups straight
28. Bike to work
29. Get my black belt in TKD
30. Start working on becoming a 46er
31. Run 10+ miles every week for 1 year
32. Teach my husband how to ski or snowboard
33. Run the DC marathon with my sister
34. Run in a 5k with my husband

35. Buy a house
36. Do laundry once a week for three months
37. Vacuum and dust once a week for three months
38. Paint and decorate the living room
39. Paint and decorate the bedroom
40. Organize kitchen
41. Get a full set of silverware (serving eight)
42. Purge our home of things we don’t need/use
43. Take things to be donated to salvation army (or equivalent)

44. Treat myself once a day for a month
45. Identify 100 things that make me happy
46. Identify 25 things that I like about myself
47. List one thing I am grateful for every day for 3 months
48. Learn more about my jewish heritage
49. Go to temple once a week for one month
50. Update my wardrobe

51. Have a monthly dinner date with my husband for 1 year
52. Write my husband love letters weekly for 3 months
53. Get boudoir photos printed – make a calendar for my husband
54. Change my name on my passport
55. Change my name on my student loans
56. Change my name on my college transcripts
57. Take a romantic weekend getaway
58. Play a board game with my husband once a week for three months
59. Go on a successful canoeing trip with my husband
60. Call my mother in law by her first name, to her face

61. Compete in an agility trial
62. Use reusable grocery bags
63. Give up TV for a week
64. Become fluent in Spanish
65. Get a haircut
66. Get another dog
67. Spend gift cards
68. Write a new blog entry at least once a week for one year

69. Build e-fund to 20k
70. Pay off my husband’s car
71. Get an accountant
72. Max out our 401k contributions
73. Roll my old 401k into a Roth IRA

74. Create another painting
75. Be in a musical again
76. Play my viola every day for one month
77. Do another charcoal drawing
78. Join an orchestra
79. Learn how to play guitar
80. Learn how to play saxophone

81. Read the Twilight books
82. Read 50 books in 1 year

83. Host a dinner party
84. Host a cookie swap
85. Host a poker night
86. Make a new friend

87. Surprise my husband with a vacation
88. Go to Chicago
89. Go to Yellowstone
90. Go on a cruise
91. Go to Alaska
92. Go to the Grand Canyon
93. Go to Glacier National Park

94. Create a volcanology course
95. Decide on a Ph.D.
96. Go to an active volcano
97. Attend the GSA conference
98. Attend the AGU conference
99. Attend the LPSC conference

100. Donate $1 for every task I don’t complete to a charity (TBD)
101. Put $5 into savings for every task I complete