Day 2 of P90X and it’s already kicking my butt (in a good way).

Today was Plyometrics day.  First I had to take down the Christmas tree so I had enough room in the living room to jump around without knocking it over and freaking the dog out.  Once that was done, I laced up my sneakers, grabbed a glass of water, and popped in the DVD.

By the end of the warmup, my legs were burning.  And let me tell you, my leg strength is GOOD.  I can do squats and lunges all day (thank you, years and years of running, soccer, taekwondo, and rugby!).  But the going without much of a break (and the fact that I haven’t done squats and lunges in a while) makes the burning in my quads just build and build.

The easiest – the heisman jumpy thingy (jumping side to side from one leg to the other and posing like the heisman trophy).  I could do those without a problem

The hardest – squat reach jumps… squatting, touching the floor, and then jumping up and reaching for the ceiling.  Um, OW???

I actually only made it halfway through the DVD today because I hit a wall and started to worry that one of my knees was going to give out and I’d just hit the floor.  Also, I was a little nervous about my ankle (broken April 11th of this year) – I haven’t done anything like this on it yet and I’m still not totally sure how it will hold up.  So far it seems totally fine.  The ankle wasn’t a problem at all.  But my knees… MAN!

So once I crapped out halfway through the DVD I went down to the basement (where the treadmill is – and my husband’s “man cave” – although the treadmill is really for me) for my 3 mile run.  My legs were like jelly going down the stairs!

I started out my run and my feet felt SO HEAVY.  Eventually, once I got my mind off of the butt-whooping I had just received, I got into a rhythm and started to feel much better.  But then… around mile 1.5 my knees just started to tighten up and felt awful.  I felt so pathetic, ending my run after only 1.5 miles.

So note to self: do not do Plyometrics and then try to run right after – REST IN BETWEEN.  (it’s a learning experience!)

I’m going to try to redo my run later tonight after my legs have had a chance to rest.  As for the DVD, I’ll keep at it and I know I’ll get through the whole thing in one go soon!

Now I’m off to bake a winter squash…  If it comes out decent I’ll post the recipe.  I got two good new cookbooks from my sister for Christmas.