I’m enjoying finding end of the year blogs, so here’s another one I enjoyed reading (found at this blog)…

Recipes (the yummiest cooking from the past year):

This spaghetti squash recipe:

  • Notes from my sister (she’s the one who introduced me to this recipe):
    • You can use turkey or chicken sausage instead of pork (get loose sausage or cut the meat out of the casings of normal sausage).  Spicy sausage is particularly good because it makes the squash less bland and sets off well against the cheese and tomato sauce.
    • Start by baking the squash, whole, on a cookie sheet for one hour at 375 degrees rather than microwaving it – tastes better but takes longer.  Pierce the squash a couple of times first so the steam can escape (you can use a pointy-ended metal skewer to do this but a knife would work).
    • Rather than try to preserve the squash shells to bake the whole concoction in, just scoop out the squash, combine it with the other ingredients, and pour the whole thing into a baking dish for the last session in the oven.  Works just fine and it’s a lot easier.

Project (something you started this past year that you’re proud of or really enjoyed):

  • Jewelry-making (coming soon on our Etsy page! and Etsy blog)
  • This blog! (I’m totally addicted, can’t  you tell?)

Best Trip:

Hands down, our honeymoon.  We spent 8 days at the Sandals Regency La Toc in St. Lucia and had a blast.  Best part is a toss-up between the zip line outing and the catamaran cruise down the west coast of the island to Soufriere and then going to the drive in volcano (be still my heart!).  My husband’s favorite part was the rum tasting trip we went on.

The view from our room… GORGEOUS!

Gorgeous sunset!  That’s our room up on the hill in the background.

The Pitons!!!  I was so excited.  The catamaran cruise was awesome.

The drive-in volcano.  Wohoo!

Heading out on the zip lines!

My husband, very happy at the rum tasting

Night Out:

I think that would be a toss up between my bachlorette party and our wedding.  The bachlorette wasn’t a crazy night, but it was a lot of fun.  We went to dinner, and then went bowling and had a sleepover where we watched movies and did nails and junk like that.  Good times!

It’s not my fault.  My amazing baker friend (check out her new blog here!) made these AMAZING peanut butter cookie sandwiches with peanut butter cream filling.  I have a problem when it comes to peanut butter…

FYI – that’s MY bike.  Not his.  Picture from our amazing photographer, Holly Greene, at Out of the Ordinary Photography.

Moment of Peace:

Spending a morning when I am on break and my husband is at work laying in bed and cuddling with the dog.

The Best Place:

I’m going to go with my childhood home that was sold this September.  My parents lived there since I was two years old and it was very hard for me when they sold it.  I’m doing much better now, but that house will always be my home.  I can’t wait to buy our own house and start making our own home!

New Food:

Thanks to our (new this year) crop share, I’ve been re-introduced to lots of new foods.  I was pleasantly surprised that I now like brussel sprouts and spaghetti squash.

But the winner is, hands down… HONEYCRISP APPLES.  My friend got me addicted to them and now I am obsessed.

Best Accomplishment:

Planning our wedding.  No contest.

New person/people:

Hmm… no actual NEW people this year.  New acquaintances, but nothing really comes to mind for this year.

Web Tool:


My goals for 2010:

  • Run and complete a half and full marathon.
  • Effectively manage our finances.
  • Get my nutrition in check.  I’m not bad, but I feel like my eating is really out of balance and that bugs me.
  • Get crack-a-lackin’ on my 101 in 1001 list.