I hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start.  Our little family (myself, my husband, and our dog) spent this afternoon welcoming our newest member… Rocket!

Rocket is a 9 month old smooth coated Border Collie who is excited about life.  He actually reminds me SO MUCH of our other dog (Jade) when I first brought her home in 2006.

We took everybody for a nice walk around our neighborhood and then came home.  Jade and Rocket tore around the apartment like… rockets.  They wrestled and went bonkers and had a great time.  Then everybody got baths (Rocket STANK) and tore around for several more hours.  Now everybody’s passed out on the couch.  Hooray!

I think this turned out well.  I can’t wait to get Rocket into agility!  But we’ll wait a little bit first and let him get situated.  Something tells me he’ll have a lot of fun.