Okay, I have a couple new food crushes.  All of them are GREAT sources of protein, which has been a big focus of mine since I’ve transitioned to eating vegetarian.

#1) Edamame

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Soy beans!  They look like lima beans, but taste WONDERFUL!  An excellent source of protein, and are absolutely delicious mixed in with pretty much anything (my favorite being tofu and quinoa).  They’re also excellent as a snack just by themselves.  I find them in the natural foods section of our grocery store.

#2) Nasoya Extra Firm Tofu

I can’t get enough tofu!  I love pressing and then sauteing it so the outside is browned and crispy and then mixing it in with pad thai or quinoa and edamame (with sesame oil and tamari).

I recently ordered a tofu press from Tofu Xpress and CAN NOT WAIT until it gets here.  They’ve had so much demand for these that they’re on back order until the second week of February, but as soon as I get it, I’ll be pressing tofu left and right and write up a review.  Until then, here’s a good one!

#3) Quinoa (KEEN-wa)

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A great protein-rich grain that looks a lot like couscous but is a little bigger.  It doesn’t have much taste by itself, but it’s delicious when you mix in a little sauce (tamari is great) or chopped up veggies.

Here’s a delicious looking quinoa recipe I want to try!