I was so excited at how gorgeous it was outside today and I harnessed up the dogs, stuck my husband on my girly bike, and started running.  How fantastic was it to run outside in the t-shirt again!  I also finally got to try out my sweet running hat and socks I got from Lululemon.  They’re excellent!  And I totally love the ponytail hole in my hat.  It’s the little things in life…

I was supposed to do 16 miles today, but only got in 4 with my husband and the dogs.  After that, we had to go run some errands.  During which, I started to feel awful, and now my head is pounding and the last thing I want to do is get on the treadmill and do those last 12 miles.  Fortunately, I started my training about 6 weeks early, so I have some extra time built in there.  I’m going to need to re-adjust my schedule, but I know I’ll get it all in.  February was tough with classes getting into full swing, but now that I’m starting to make a dent in things and get (a tiny little bit) ahead, it’s looking better.

One of the worst things that’s been going on lately is dealing with my STUPID CONTACTS.  I’ve worn contact lenses since I was in junior high and have never had a problem.  A few weeks ago, all of a sudden, every time I would put my contacts in, my eyes would be in AGONY (red, itchy, painful, sensitive to light, really really watery).  I tried putting in a brand new pair and had the same thing happen.  I tried not wearing my contacts for several days and then putting them back in – same problem.  It was horrible.  I looked around online and found a lot of people with the same problem.  What seemed to work was switching to the Clear Care lens cleaner.  Instead of a saline solution, it’s a hydrogen peroxide solution that breaks down overnight.  I tried it last night, and so far, SUCCESS!  It may be because that solution gets rid of the protein deposits better than my other stuff, OR, I may have developed an allergy to my old solution.  I know a couple people that this has happened to – and it was the same kind of solution too (Opti-free).

Anyway, I’m looking forward to readjusting my training schedule and getting back into things now that work is going better and I can see again!  I had such a blast running with my husband on the bike today.  It really was wonderful.  I hope we can do that often!