So Sunday I planned on doing my long run (16 miles).  First things first, I got to do yardwork.  Yes, yardwork.  And we live in an apartment complex.  They don’t take care of anything here.  So I got to rake for a couple hours.  Fun fun fun.  That was a good workout in itself.  But at least now I can (potentially) plant some veggies out there!

Around 6pm I was finally ready to get my run in.  I don’t normally like starting this late, but there were a lot of distractions that day.  Since it was already 6pm and it was going to be dark before I finished, I headed down to the basement to run on the treadmill.  I love that I don’t mind knocking out 16 miles on a treadmill now.  There’s something oddly cool about that.

My little running bubble.  We have a Proform 8.5 Personal Fitness Trainer Treadmill.  I LOVE IT.

My pre-run setup: 2 large water bottles, Strawberry GU chomps, clean bandanna, phone, iPod, bodyglide

My long run entertainment – This run was Season 2, Disc 2.  7.5 more seasons to go!

This was my first run trying out my new Bondi Bands!  I got three headbands the other day and I was super excited to see how they worked!

My biker chick one – the other two are a pretty floral pattern, and a 26.2 one that I won’t wear until I cross the finish line.  It’s my motivation/reminder.

The Bondi Bands are super lightweight material so I didn’t really notice it when it was on.  It’s larger than a normal headband, but you can fold or roll it if you want.  I wore it flat and wasn’t bothered by how much of my head it covered.  Overall, I liked it!

Getting situated.  I LOVE my Nike+!

I did it!

That big dip in the middle was when I hopped off the treadmill to reset it.

Hooray!  This was my longest run to-date.  After having a month and a half of crappy runs, skipped runs, and not enough runs, I am very proud of myself.  The first 12 miles felt alright.  Nothing spectacular, but no major problems.  At mile 12 my knees started to tighten up, but I stuck it out.  For the last two miles I was running like a 90 year old, but I did it.

If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for sticking with me!  I won’t keep posting daily updates (maybe every 2 or 3 days?), but it definitely makes me think twice about skipping a run if I know I have to write something about it later.

Perhaps I’m getting back on track.  There are 70 days left until my marathon.  It’s not much time and I need to keep on going!