Back to checking in!  This seems to help keep me on track…

Today’s eats:

  • Breakfast – my delicious Fage 0%/kashi/honey/brown sugar mix (yum!)
  • Lunch – chocolate PB green monster
  • Dinner – spaghetti with Newman’s Own sauce
  • Post-workout – I had to have my fage/kashi mix again… too good!  (and we are very low on groceries)

Today was generally a very lazy day.  We all (myself, my husband, and the dogs) slept in way later than we should have.  We then proceeded to lounge around in our PJs for most of the day.  I did a lot of cleaning, and FINALLY finished shredding all the papers and receipts that I have been working on for about three days (uugh).

After being lazy all day, I finally dragged myself down to the treadmill and decided to do a little speedwork.  I usually do longer slow runs (10:00 to 10:30 per mile), but I really want to get faster.  So tonight I put on some great music and pounded out a fast (for me) 5k…

What’s that?  That’s right, it says 8:55 per mile!  Woot!

Then we played with the dogs for a while and that turned into family cuddle time on the couch.  Where I still am…

Rocket on the left, Jade on the right, and yours truly stuck in the middle

Jade and Rocket are both currently passed out and sprawled across my lap – making it very difficult to type!

Tomorrow I have 17 miles planned.  I was going to do a fun little 5 mile race, but we have a lot of errands to get done during the day and I don’t think it’s going to fit in (I didn’t register yet anyway).  So I’ll just run around here for my 17 miles instead.

Maybe I’ll actually get a long run outside???  My only problem with that is that we live on a very busy 55 mph road and I can’t really run right out our door and do 17 miles.  I would have to drive somewhere – and don’t currently have any ideas for where.


If you lived on a busy road and couldn’t run around your “neighborhood,” where would you do your long runs?