Today, I am friendless…

But in a good way!

I finally did my first long run entirely outside!  No Friends DVDs for me!

It was a gorgeous day – high 70s and sunny.  So after doing about a bazillion errands, I laced up the sneakers, got my gear on, harnessed up the dogs, got the hubs on the bike, and we took off.

First, I have to note my awesome running purchase of the day:

I got a 2 liter Camelbak!  I’ve been wanting to get one for a while since it’s getting warmer and nicer out.  I really wanted to do my long runs outside, but had no way to carry any water, and there was no way I was going without it.  I tested it out on my long run today and LOVED IT!  I felt great having my water with me and not having to fiddle with a bottle.  I was worried about it bouncing around or rubbing, but neither of those were issues.  Once I got all the straps adjusted, it fit perfectly.

Oh, and I also cleaned out the store supply of strawberry GU chomps.  YUM!  That should last me two months.  I generally go through two packs on each long run.

Since we live on a very busy 55mph road, I usually run in the nice little neighborhood across the street from us.  Today was no exception.  I did the first four miles with the dogs and the hubs.  The last 14 were by myself.  I think my “neighbors” thought I was nuts – seeing as it’s a small neighborhood and I spent 3 1/2 hours running the same figure 8 loop over and over and over…  I swear the people in the middle of the figure 8 (where I passed by twice per loop) must have been counting.  They were out in their yard the whole time too!  I almost felt like I needed to explain.  Oh well.  Now I’ll just be “that crazy girl.”  I’m fine with it.

Here’s the breakdown…


Other fun happenings today…

Since it’s “Easter eve,” we (the hubs and I) did our annual Easter “basket” exchange.  You know you’re a runner when your husband gets you 4 packs of GU gel (strawberry banana, and tri-berry) and running shorts instead of candy!  Of course, I did ask him not to get me candy (yes mom, I really did), but I thought it was sweet!

We also got an edible arrangement from the in-laws today.  I’ve never gotten one before, so that was neat.  And tasty too!

I left the chocolate pineapple bunnies for the hubs.  Aren’t I a nice wife?

And now I’m off to prep for tomorrow.  It’s Jade’s first doggie agility competition!  I hope she kicks butt!  Too bad we have to be there at 7am.  Uugh!