I’ve wanted to write a review of my tofu press for a while now, but hadn’t gotten around to taking pictures until this week.  So here goes!

What is it?

The TofuXpress tofu press is a clear plastic box with a spring-loaded lid that, when locked in place, will press down on your tofu to remove the water.  It also comes with a lid for the box which you can use when marinating your tofu.

What’s the point?

Have you ever tried to press tofu?  It’s a gigantic pain.  The typical method of pressing tofu is to put the tofu between two plates and then pile weights (cans of soup, etc.) on top.

My former “tofu press.”  What you can’t see is the three cookbooks on top of the toaster oven.

Also, please excuse the nasty counter.  We live in a crappy apartment and the kitchen SUCKS and the counter is all chipped and stained.  Someday we’ll have a house… Someday…

Obviously, this type of tofu press is extremely awkward and severely limits the amount of time you can spend pressing the unrefrigerated tofu.  And you aren’t a true tofu chef until your “press” has toppled over and made some sort of mess all over your kitchen or fallen on your head while you are reaching into a cupboard.

So how does it work?

I admit, from just looking at the picture of the tofu press I had a slightly difficult time figuring out how this little gizmo worked.  But I bit and bought one (two actually – one for me, and one for my best friend who first introduced me to the wonders of tofu).  When it arrived, I was happy to see that the press was extremely easy to use!

Step 1: Place your tofu into the press and attach the top (the sides of the spring top latch into the base)

Step 2: Enjoy watching the action!  (No matter how many times I do this, I always watch it for a second.  It’s so cool!)

Step 3: Put in the refrigerator and let it press for as long as you like.  I usually press mine for two days.  There’s always one in there ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

Step 4: Remove from the refrigerator and admire your “hard work.”

Step 5: Before removing the top, pour off the water.

Step 6: Remove the tofu from the press, slice, and enjoy!

Does it work?

YES!!!  I am SO so thrilled with this press.  It really helps you to get to a whole new level of tofu firmness.  When pressed overnight, it’s way better than anything I was able to do with my plates, toaster oven, and books.  The presses compactness makes it so easy to put the tofu in, stick it in the fridge and leave it for a couple days without any problem.  Again, without this press, I couldn’t press my tofu for more than a few hours because it had to stay out on the counter.

Here’s a great (and amusing) Facebook comment my friend left for me about the one I bought for her…

That just about says it all.  We’ve been spreading the good word to all our tofu-loving friends.

Where can you get one (or two)?


One press = $36.95

Two presses = $69.90

Let me know if you try one out!  I love this thing!

I should note that I wasn’t compensated for this review in any way.  I just really love this thing!