1. Pin your number to your pant leg. It makes it easier to take off layers while you run.  It’s far more likely you’ll be needing to take your shirt off during a race than your pants!  (One would hope…)
  2. Even if you’re cold at the start, wear a t-shirt! You’ll be wishing you did very shortly!
  3. If it hurts, STOP!!! It’s okay (heck, good!) to be smart about your physical well-being.  If anybody understands this, it’s other runners.
  4. Walking through aid stations is a good idea. It’s MUCH easier to actually get the water IN your mouth if you’re walking.  Plus it’s only for a second, so unless you’re aiming to WIN (not me!), it won’t make much of a difference.
  5. Get there early and hit up the restrooms BEFORE the 20-minute line forms. Yikes.