Today after work I went for a run with my husband.  It was his first time running since his ACL replacement in January and he did great!  He has never been a runner, so we started with a very “Couch to 5k”-type run/walk interval.  He went for 1.5 miles.

After he was done, I went back out and did another 2 miles on my own.  When I first started, I didn’t have a distance in mind.  I was just going to run and see how I felt.  When I was going slower, my knee felt a little tight, but not painful.  So I decided to pick up the pace and see how that felt.  Surprisingly, my knee felt really good when I went faster!  So I did 2 miles at a 9:09/mile pace – almost even to my starting pace at the half marathon a couple weeks ago.  Of course, it felt MUCH easier during the race, but it still felt good today!

Tomorrow I’ll go out for longer and see how it holds up.  The other nice thing is that now everything is done for the semester except for my two finals and a little bit of grading, so I can get my runs and lifting in during the day and really give my training the attention it requires.  I know I didn’t go about this in the right way and now I’m paying for it.  But tomorrow is a brand new day and I can start doing it right!