I originally got this idea from my friend, and I have no idea where she got the recipe (I would assume PPK, because that’s where most of her things come from).  It is absolutely delicious!

Start by PRESSING YOUR TOFU AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.  This is key.  I won’t make this without at least 2-day-pressed tofu.  Don’t have a tofu press and want one?  Try this one!  I LOOOOOOOOVE it.  See my review.

Slice your tofu into sheets.  The thinner you make them, the more it’s like a deli meat substitute.  I find the thicker they are, the better they are right out of the pan and warm.  The thinner they are, the better they are as leftovers – more like deli meat.

Give your tofu sheets a little dip in Tamari.  I usually put a little bit in my (now empty) tofu press and swirl them around in there for a second.

Drop the tamari-dipped tofu slices into a hot skillet and pan fry them.  I find I like them best when I add just a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil to the pan before frying.  It gives them a great golden color.  Keep an eye on them as they brown quickly.

Remove from the pan and make your delicious sandwich with whatever toppings makes you smile!  My favorite is Veganaise and spicy mustard with a little bit of lettuce (I’m a sandwich minimalist).

My favorite combo – this sandwich with an organic gala apple and a little natural peanut butter.  Heavenly!

(Of course, after I took this I remembered we did, in fact, have lettuce.)