I made my last-ditch effort for the full marathon today.  I did my long run for the week – I figured I’d just go and run and see how far I got.  If I made it to 20 miles, I would do the full marathon in three weeks.  If not, I would email the race organizers to switch my registration.

Well, I only made it to 7 miles.  By then, my knee had started to bug me enough that I knew 20 was out of the question today.  Boo.

So after I wandered upstairs (I did my run on the treadmill so my husband wouldn’t have to come pick me up somewhere if it didn’t go the way I planned) and showered, I sent the email I had been dreading – I switched my registration down to the half marathon in three weeks.

It’s okay – I still get to run the half marathon and have fun.  I know my knee will be okay for that.  And I can focus on my training this summer and make sure my knee is in good shape for the full marathon in September.

And hey, maybe I’ll get to redeem myself from my DNF in the half marathon a couple weeks ago.