My project for today was a make a DIY workout headband that would STAY IN PLACE!  (I love my BondiBands, but sometimes they slip a little.)

I was inspired by Sweaty Bands.  I really, really like them, but they are more than I can afford for a workout headband on our budget.

So today I made a stop at JoAnn Fabrics and got my supplies…

  • 1/4 yard black velvet ($12.99 per yard) = $3.25
  • Package of 3/8″ black elastic = $1.29
  • A spool of really cute ribbon (make sure it’s not wired) = $4.49 (normally – I used my 40% off coupon so it was actually $2.69)

Grand total = $7.23 (The supplies I got will make at LEAST six headbands.  So that’s $1.21 per headband)

NOTE:  If you don’t already have thread, make sure you get that too!  I already had a TON.

Step 1: Measure your head to determine how large to make your headband!

Step 2: Cut your ribbon to a length roughly three inches LESS than what you measured.  For example, here I measured my headband length as 22.5″, so I cut the ribbon to 19.5″.

Step 3: Lay the cut ribbon out on top of the velvet and cut a large enough piece of velvet that there is roughly 1/2″ extra on all sides.  (If you have less than that, it’s likely that the velvet will fray while you’re working.)

Step 4: Cut a 3 inch piece of elastic.

Step 5: Lay out the pieces with RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER (velvety side of the fabric touching the nice patterned side of the ribbon)  and the elastic in between the two layers at one end.

Step 6: Pin everything together.  This is the most frustrating part, since the velvet likes to slide around.  Make sure that the elastic is CENTERED so it doesn’t get sewn anywhere but at the end (red dashed box).

Step 7: Sew closed the two long ends and the short end with the elastic (make a “U” – blue dotted line).  Stay as close to the edge of the ribbon as possible.

Step 8: Trim the threads and remove pins.  Use something long and skinny to turn the fabric right side out (I like to use a chopstick).

Step 9: Fold in the raw edges of the fabric at the open end.

Step 10: Insert the loose end of the elastic into the open end of the headband.  Make sure nothing is twisted.  There should be roughly 2 inches of exposed elastic at this point.  Pin the elastic and fabric in place.

Step 11: Sew closed.  You can do this by hand and do a hidden stitch so everything looks neat.  Or you can do the quick and dirty version and use your machine.  For this one, I used the machine since this part will be at the back behind my hair.  If I make these for other people, I would do a hand stitch so it’s neater.

Step 12:  Remove the pin and admire your work!