I got my first blog award today!  Wohoo!

Lisa, from The Pursuit of Happiness sent a Sweet Blog award my way!  Thanks Lisa!

I love reading her recipes and checking out her craft ideas.  Very inspiring!  I’m planning on making pickles for my husband sometime in the near(ish) future.  Check out her DIY pickle recipe!

I’d like to pass the Sweet Blog award on to a couple blogs that I enjoy…

  • Nicole at Prevention RD – So knowledgeable!  Nicole always has great recipes and information.  I love reading her blog!
  • Angela at Oh She Glows – Angela always has delicious food inspirations, gorgeous pictures, and her recent try-a-tri training has been really interesting to follow.  I’m planning on getting into triathlons within the next year and really like seeing what that would entail.
  • Ashley at Healthy Ashley – A recent Half Ironman finisher!  Go Ashley!  She definitely inspires me to keep working hard.
  • Heather at Then Heather Said – From my neck of the woods.  Looking forward to running with you!
  • Katie at Health for the Whole Self – Katie always has very insightful and motivating things to share.  I always end up nodding as I’m reading her posts and thinking… “that’s me too!”