I need to set some small goals for myself.  I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed by the enormity of training and when that happens, things fall apart – which I don’t want to happen.

Tuesday I will…

  • Get up, out of bed, and dressed for my run when my husband leaves for work (8am)
  • Take the dogs for a run
  • Not eat any peanut butter unless it’s in a green monster
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • POSSIBLY go for a bike ride (bicycle, not motorcycle – although I will probably do that too…) – I really need to start working that in to my routine
  • Eat a healthy lunch
  • Go to the gym and lift
  • Put my laundry away
  • Go for a run/walk with my husband? (It’s really up to him, but I’d go!)
  • Cook a healthy dinner for both of us
  • Play “doggie in the middle” with my husband and the dogs
  • Continue my husband’s juggling lessons (No, seriously – I was teaching him how to juggle tonight.  We are laaaaaaame!)