So yesterday I made a little goal list for today.  How did I do?

Tuesday I will…

  • Get up, out of bed, and dressed for my run when my husband leaves for work (8am) – Not a chance.  But I did wake up at a reasonable time, so it’s a half-win.  I really need to stop staying up so late.  My routine just takes a pounding when classes end.
  • Take the dogs for a run – Check!
  • Not eat any peanut butter unless it’s in a green monster – Check!  I actually had some peanut butter today, but in a healthy way.  My intention when I wrote that goal was not to have my toast with peanut butter again.  I get in ruts.  I probably should have just written that.  But I count today as a victory in this category.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast – Check!
  • POSSIBLY go for a bike ride – Nope.  But this wasn’t a “must do,” so I’m okay with that.
  • Eat a healthy lunch – Check!
  • Go to the gym and lift – Nope.  I wish I had.
  • Put my laundry away – Check!
  • CLEAN MY CAR – Check!  Hooray!  It was crazy gross.  But I guess two dogs who shed a lot will do that to a car.
  • Go for a run/walk with my husband? – Nope.  He is having back problems again tonight so he’ll be parked on the couch with the heating pad all night instead.  Doctor’s appointment tomorrow!
  • Cook a healthy dinner for both of us – Check!  And delicious!
  • Play “doggie in the middle” with my husband and the dogs – Nope.  See above.  That’s okay!
  • Continue my husband’s juggling lessons – Nope.  See above.  No big deal.

This seemed to work well.  Whenever I really didn’t want to do something, I knew I would have to come back here and write that I didn’t do it.  Which I didn’t want to do.  Accountability is a good thing.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will…

  • Eat a healthy breakfast. (This will require some creativity, as we are all out of my normal breakfast food.  Wah!)
  • Eat a healthy lunch, even though we are going out for a department lunch tomorrow.
  • Go to the gym and lift.
  • Take the dogs for a run when I get home.
  • Make a healthy dinner for both of us.  It might end up being leftovers from tonight, but it was good!

I keep talking about tonight’s dinner, so what was it?

Angela’s (from Oh She Glows) In A Jiffy Spelt Veggie Burgers with Nut Butter Parsnip Fries.  Heaaaaaaaaven!  I didn’t take any pictures this time because they didn’t LOOK amazing, but they tasted amazing.  I will take some the next time I make them when they’re a little less blackened.  My suggestions for the fries would be cut the parsnips in to pretty thick fries, because they crisp faster where they are narrower, so they get burned on the narrow ends first.  Also, shake them up/flip them while they’re baking so one side doesn’t burn from sitting on the baking sheet.  My husband the carnivore took one bite into the burger and immediately said “This is great!”  Definitely a make-again meal.

And just a reminder to anyone who knows me and reads this (COUGHmomandmyhusbandCOUGH!)… I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want a food processor!  Making those burgers in a blender was a PAIN.  Here’s a pretty picture for you…

Pretty…  I promise to cook you delicious things with it.