Oh my have I ever been lazy these last two days.  It was in the 90s here in upstate NY yesterday, and then again today.  So I’ve spent these two days sitting inside with the dogs, fans on, lights off, giving the dogs ice cubes every hour or so – we have no A/C in our apartment.  I did, however, manage to clean a little bit.  So it wasn’t a complete waste.

I actually woke up early and got a run in yesterday morning before it got to be too hot.  Even then, it was already mid-80s and pretty humid and gross.  Today, it was already beyond my comfort level, so I passed.  I might head down to the basement later tonight for a treadmill run.  We’ll see how it goes.

I feel like such a lazy bum.  A gross lazy bum.  One good thing is that our apartment stays around 80 as long as I keep everything closed up.  So that’s a relief.

Okay, I’m done complaining about the heat.  The thunderstorms will roll in any time now and make it feel MUCH better.  Can’t wait!

I read a great blog post today about body image and the media that really hits home.  I highly recommend that you take a minute and go read it and watch the two youtube videos that are included.

While I feel that I have a much healthier relationship with food than I did a year ago, I still find myself comparing myself to others at times.  It’s such a shame and infuriating that we have these “ideals” drilled into our heads from every direction.  And no matter how much you know those images are retouched and don’t represent reality, it’s still very hard to refrain from making unrealistic comparisons.  I am a healthy individual.  I am active and maintain a healthy weight.  There is no reason for me to allow the media to make me feel unhappy or frustrated, or not good enough in any way.  I definitely bookmarked that post to save for a “down-on-myself” day.

Also, those videos kind of made me want to go play with Photoshop.  How sick is it that they can do these things so easily?