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The other day I got my hair cut.  It was the first time (other than a pre-wedding trim) in three years.  I’ve never been one to be nervous when getting my hair cut – quite the opposite actually.  I would always let my hair grow out to a point where I would get bored (usually just past my shoulders) and then I would go get it all chopped off and start all over again.

When I lived in San Diego (2006-2007), I figured I would try the blonde thing.  Seeing as I was living in SoCal and all.

It was a horrible disaster.

Let me tell you a story…  Keep in mind that this whole entire thing unfolded over the course of 24 hours.

Day 1 (early evening, post-work):

I decided to get my hair cut and colored and went to an unfamiliar salon down the road from our apartment (I hadn’t been to any salon in San Diego at that point, and had no one I “trusted” yet).  Mistake #1

I told the girl what I was looking for (my standard haircut, blonde, not orange, lighten my eyebrows slightly if needed).  She questioned how short I wanted to get my hair cut but I knew I liked that cut on me and wouldn’t let her convince me otherwise.  Fine, moving on.

She did the color – it was looking orange to me.  She insisted that it wasn’t orangey at all, and proceeded to cut my hair.

The haircut came out awful.  My hair was orange.  She had BLEACHED my eyebrows.

I was in shock.  I paid her (tip and all – yes I know I shouldn’t have tipped or even settled for it if I didn’t like it, but I was in shock) and left.

I cried in the car.  I went to the grocery store.  At this point I still thought I could save the blonde thing.  So I got a box color and went home.

I turned my hair highlighter yellow.

I cried.

My husband (then boyfriend) said “No, really, it looks… good.”  Poor guy.

I cried some more.  I called my friend who I worked with and told her to let them know I would be late the next morning because there was NO WAY I was going to work like that.

Day 2 (early morning, pre-work):

I put a bandana on my head and went to yet another untested salon.  I asked the woman there to just put me back to brown, as close to my natural color as possible (I know it’s not exact, especially after the horror my hair had experienced).

I pointed out my natural color (light/medium brown) on their sample swatches.

She said “That’s not your natural color.  THIS is.” and pointed to BLACK.

I should have run away then, but I didn’t.  I don’t know what I was thinking.

She proceeded to dye my hair black, and left the highlighter yellow as “highlights” so now I had what appeared to be black and white striped hair.

She also dyed my eyebrows black.  And in doing so, smeared black hair dye ALL OVER MY FACE.  Thus dyeing every tiny hair on my face black.

I was unaware of all this because I had my glasses off.  (Yes, my eyes are that bad.)

The moment of truth came, and I was in shock again.  I paid her (yes, again) and left.

I sobbed on the phone to my mom all the way to work.  At this point, I was aware of the awful color, but unaware that she had smeared black dye on my face because I hadn’t gotten that close to the mirror.  I think I took one look and ran.

I got to work and ran into my boss as I was walking in.  He said “What’s going on?” as in wondering why I had been late.  He took one look at me and all he said was “Oh.”

I should have taken that as a sign that I should just go home.

One of the other guys I worked with had just gotten married and was very “well trained.”  He offered me chocolate.  Good guy.

Later in the day, I headed down to the bathroom and THAT was when I noticed all the little (now) black hairs on my face.  I freaked out.  I don’t know where I managed to find them, but I found a pair of tweezers and spent about a half hour in the bathroom pulling them all out.

I couldn’t take it.  I left work early and went to yet ANOTHER salon (the one I had originally wanted to go to but they were closed).

When I walked in, I took off the bandana and just said “PLEASE HELP ME.”

The girl there was amazing.  Somehow she managed to work a miracle and rinsed all the nastiness out of my hair.  She also fixed the bad cut girl #1 had given me.

My hair ended up awesome!  It turned out brown with some pretty sweet highlights (no extra dye added – this was just what remained after she rinsed it).

I don’t have a good picture just of the hair, because this was well before my blogging days and I never thought to take a picture.  But this was a couple weeks after…

At Joshua Tree National Park

So that’s my 24 hour hair horror story.  What’s yours?

There were requests for pictures from my haircut this week…


After: (Not the best picture, but oh well.  They can’t all be good!)

She cut off over 12 inches.  It was put into a ponytail and hacked off to donate to Locks of Love.  Hooray!

I feel so much lighter!  It’s also great to not have anything on my neck when I run.

Also, maybe now I won’t be confused for one of my students, or worse, a prospective student.  (Yes, it’s happened.)

And just to leave you with some pictures of Max because I love him and will miss him when I head back to New York tomorrow…

That’s a queen bed.  He’s humongous.

(PS – That quilt is another of my sewing projects.  I kind of wish I had kept it.)

Such a sweetie.

I will most likely be quiet for a couple days as I drive back to New York with my mom.  But I’ll see you on the other end of the trip!

Why do I run?  Why do I try to push myself harder than just what feels comfortable?

You know, I’m not really sure.

I started running when I was in 7th grade as part of my school’s cross country team.  I’m not really sure why I joined in the first place – my sister had done XC, so it’s something I was familiar with.  I originally thought I was going to play field hockey, but then the modified XC coach started recruiting me and I figured, why not?

I ran XC from 7th grade until 10th grade.  In 10th grade, my IT band issues had caught up with me (although I didn’t know what it was other than “knee problems” at that point), and I didn’t feel like I could continue running with the team.  I was definitely sad, but switched over to soccer instead.

I also ran track in the spring.  I did that every year, from 7th grade, all the way until I graduated.  Sprinting didn’t bother my knee at all, and I loved it.  Even though I was a distance runner in XC, I couldn’t do distance on the track – it bored me.  So I spent my track years doing the 100 hurdles, 200 hurdles, 400 hurdles, 4 x1 relay, and pole vault.

During college and grad school, I strayed from running, but continued with sports.  I was on the rugby team, the club soccer team, and the taekwondo team.  I didn’t really care for the club soccer, and didn’t stick with it for long.  I loved rugby, but couldn’t commit the amount of time required (it was like joining a sorority).  And I absolutely adored taekwondo.  However, at this point, running fell by the wayside.  I never really went for a run.  There were a few times during those five years where I would go run laps on the indoor track, but I could count those times on one hand.

After finishing grad school, I moved to San Diego and picked back up with rugby (San Diego Surfers Women’s Rugby).  Although, again, I couldn’t commit the time needed to continue to play.  I still loved the sport, but would have had to take off from work almost every other Thursday and Friday and buy a plane ticket once or twice a month to go to games.  Yikes.  I also tried to find a taekwondo dojang (school) that I liked, but there was no place that felt comfortable – plus it was crazy expensive.  Fortunately, San Diego has beautiful weather and I was at least able to go running a little more often (still not much).  I also learned how to surf, but was never very good at it.  My husband (then boyfriend) bought me a mountain bike and I really liked to take it into the canyon by our apartment.  The only thing that worried me about that was the coyotes. I knew they were in there, and I didn’t like that one bit.

After a year in San Diego, we moved back to upstate NY, and I was without any idea of what I wanted to do with myself.  These were my stomping grounds, so I went a little out of my comfort zone – I made my own rugby team.  There was no women’s team in the area, so I worked with the existing men’s team (LOVE them) and built a women’s team from scratch.  It was a huge success!  And also a HUGE demand on my time and energy.  But I loved playing rugby and spending time with my teammates.

Unfortunately (again – I feel like I’m saying that a lot in this post), my rugby days came to an end on April 11, 2009.  My ankle was broken in a tournament.  Once I was in a cast, I ended up with a blood clot in my calf.  With time, everything healed and I was given a clean bill of health – but I’m really not supposed to play rugby anymore.  There’s always a chance that if I get hit (which you WILL when you play rugby), I’ll get another blood clot.  And you know what?  I’d really rather not deal with that again because it seriously sucked.

So my rugby days came to an end a little over a year ago, and I was left with nothing to do.  I decided to go back to my roots and run.  And run, and run, and run.  It’s hard for me to stick to something unless I’m working towards a goal.  So I picked one – I was going to sign up for a marathon!  (I know, I don’t know what I was thinking either.)  I figured, I already had a good running base, and could run 5.5 miles at a time.  So I wasn’t starting from scratch.  But it had been 12 years since I raced.

I signed up for the marathon back in October 2009 and started my training in November.  I’ve learned a lot about myself during my training.  My strengths, my weaknesses, and what motivates me.  There have been good runs, and there have been awful runs.  There was a two month stretch (February and March of this year) where I just didn’t want to do anything.  I’ve also had the greatest runners high, and incredibly satisfying moments of personal bests.  It’s the runs like that that keep you going.

Unfortunately (again), I didn’t train the way I should have, and I ended up getting burned out, skipping runs, and eventually ending up with an overuse injury – runners’ knee.  My injury could have been prevented if I had trained properly.  By not skipping runs, increasing my weekly mileage no more than 10% per week, and incorporating strength training into my routine, I could have avoided the knee problems of this spring.  But at that point, I didn’t know any better.

May 30th rolled around and I was at the starting line of the Buffalo Marathon, still unsure of which distance I would be running that day.  On the outside, I was telling people it would most likely be the half, but on the inside, I was secretly hoping for the full.  At mile 9 I was elated that my knee was feeling manageable.  But by mile 10, I knew it would be the half that day.  So I kept my chin up and finished the half with a smile on my face and the drive to succeed the next time around.

Now I am training for what will be my first full marathon this September.  I am in a much better position now than I was when I started back in November.  I know my body and what it can do.  I also know how far I can push myself without getting injured.  I’ve learned a lot about running, racing, nutrition, strength training, physiology, and countless other things that I knew nothing about a year ago.

This summer, my focus is my training.  I have the knowledge and experience to do it properly this time around.  I am confident that I will succeed in my training and enjoy my race in September.  And I am very thankful that I’ve had all these experiences and learned so much this past year.

So why do I run?

I love the feeling of accomplishment it gives me after a really good long run.  I love the confidence it gives me outside of running.  If I can run 18 miles, there’s nothing I can’t do.  I love those (rare but excellent) runners highs.  I love the comraderie between runners.  I love the atmosphere at a race with everyone cheering and smiling.  I also love that when I run this much, I can eat whatever and whenever I want (good perk!).

I think the thing that I love most about it is the pride I get when I think about a long run and how I managed to push myself to do something that I had never even considered to be possible even a year ago.  Over the course of the past year, I’ve become a very different person.  And I have my running to thank for that.

The good news:

  • The Harry Potter park was amazing.
  • Mom has been enjoying my vegan meals.
  • Even though he won’t TOUCH the food (he eats like a 10 year old), I did manage to get dad to eat a vegan cookie (he didn’t know it was vegan).
  • I haven’t missed a run yet, even though I’m on vacation. (Very proud of this one.)
  • My husband made his own vegan dinner last night (tempeh “meatballs”) and then called me to tell me about it.  (So proud!!!)  *** An Update – My mom asked me to make these for dinner tonight and was shocked when I said it wasn’t from a recipe and he had just made them up.  I’m so proud of him!
  • I’m happy with the Vibram Bikila’s so far.
  • Before I left for Florida, I remembered that I had a warranty on my laptop (hooray!).  It’s now ready to be picked up from Best Buy servicing.
  • I got my hair cut (finally) and it looks great.  They took off over 12 inches!

The bad news:

  • I haven’t gotten very much done for my summer class while I’ve been in Florida. – That’s okay.  I’ll have time when I get back.
  • My husband thinks he needs to trade in his car. – Yikes.
  • Apparently I need to reformat my laptop. – A pain in the butt, but at least I didn’t lose anything.  Thank goodness for external hard drives and backing up your files!

Aside from the car business, I’d say that’s pretty good!

First things first – I tried out my Vibrams (Bikilas) and love them!

I did the first mile of my 3 mile run in them just to start getting used to it.  It’s tough but good at the same time.  Looking forward to running in them again tomorrow (Friday) – but not right now because I’m exhausted.

Why am I exhausted?  Oh, perhaps that’s because my mom and I just spent yesterday afternoon/evening and this morning at Universal Studios and running all around the HARRY POTTER PARK!!! (I apologize in advance for the copious amounts of pictures.  I couldn’t help myself.)

I like the part where it says “now open.”

Right when you first walk into the park, you can see the castle looming over everything.  Even though it’s all the way at the back.  What a tease!

We wandered our way through the park and eventually made it to the Harry Potter area…

Getting there…

AHHHHHHH!  (PS – Check out the woman all the way to the right.  We were seeing her all day.  Those are quite the pants.)

How awesome is that?

Entering the Harry Potter section…

People waiting to eat in the Three Broomsticks.

The Butterbeer girl.  You can also wait in a ridiculously long line and get it from the Butterbeer cart…

My mom with her butterbeer.  I tried a couple sips, because even though I didn’t know what was in it, I figured it was the only time in my life I was going to have a sip of butterbeer.  And you know what?  It was GOOD.  It tasted like cream soda and a root beer float had a baby.

Chatting it up with the Hogwarts Express conductor.  (Mom made me hold the butterbeer for every picture.)

Can you say “totally awesome?”

How amazing is that?  Every little detail was perfect.

Oh!  And I don’t have a picture (it’s just a voice), but Moaning Myrtle is in the bathroom.  Ha!

A couple suggestions for anyone who is planning on going…

  1. STAY AT ONE OF THE UNIVERSAL HOTELS – When you stay at one of their hotels, your room key acts as a “Fast Pass” that gets you to the front of the line an unlimited number of times (except on Harry Potter stuff). My mom and I did EVERYTHING we wanted to do at both parks in about 5 hours.  INCLUDING Harry Potter stuff.  ALSO, when you stay at their hotels, you can get into the park an HOUR EARLY. This allows you to bypass the giant hordes of people running to the Harry Potter section when the park opens.  We were leaving that section as they were coming in and there was already a two hour wait just to get IN to Hogsmeade.  Insane!
  2. If you don’t stay at a Universal hotel – don’t run straight back to the Harry Potter section.  Wait until around 4 or 5pm. The park is open until 9 or 10pm anyway, so you will have plenty of time to do what you want.   In the afternoon the crowds have subsided and there is no longer a wait just to get into Hogsmeade.  On Wednesday (our first day there), we went into the park at 2pm, did a couple other rides, and leisurely made our way back to the Harry Potter section.  By the time we got there, there was absolutely no wait to get in.  First thing in the morning, it can get to be up to 5 HOURS LONG.  No, seriously.  We were informed of this by the girl who was working the entrance as we left this morning.
  3. For the Forbidden Journey ride (the one in the castle) – if you don’t mind it, have your group go in the “single riders” line. When mom and I went on Wednesday afternoon it was a 90 minute wait for the ride.  We went in the single riders line and only waited 15 minutes.  The only difference is that there’s no guarantee that you’ll ride together.  But you’ll be done within minutes of each other.  And you can’t see anyone else when you’re on the ride anyway.  The only downside of this is that you bypass most of the line and won’t be walking through the whole castle.  This is where the one hour early admission came in handy – we went back and walked through the regular line the next morning before the park opened.  Again, it only took us about 15 minutes.

Just for comparison…

4 or 5 pm… (crowded, but no wait to get in)

Early admission… (WAY less crowded and no wait to get in)


(No, I’m not flipping off the camera.  I’m pointing at the Hogsmeade sign.)

After checking the weather last night, I determined that the only way I was ever going to be able to get my 4 mile run in today was if I woke up early and ran before it got insanely hot.

So 7:30 this morning I laced up my shoes and set out on my run.  I brought my Camelbak with me because even though it was only a 4 mile run, I knew I was going to need the water.  I’m not used to running in this heat and humidity.

Off I go!

Let’s just say it was hot.  Crazy hot.  And I definitely took advantage of the early morning sprinklers…

4 miles later, I returned to my parents’ house.  And guess what?  Their sprinklers were on too!  Woohoo!

I was a disgusting sweaty mess.

Post-shower, it was time for a delicious green monster!

Perfect!  It hit the spot.  Green monsters are always so refreshing in the morning – especially right after a good run.

After breakfast, I headed over to the pool with my mom.  It was gorgeous out, and the pool felt great!

How gorgeous is their pool?  They live in a retirement community and this is their community center.  It also has a sweet gym – which I’ll probably hit up tomorrow for some lifting.

Then it was time for some errands with mom.  I had one of my own…


I was in HEAVEN.

And I definitely splurged a little…

I KNEW going there was going to be bad for my bank account.  Oh well.

I took these bad boys for a 1.75 mile walk with my dad and the dogs later just to get used to the feel (you need to work up to running in them a little at a time).  They were pretty comfy!  But they definitely work some muscles I’m not used to!

Later in the afternoon dad and I took Max to the dog beach (Sammy can’t go for another week becuase he cut his ear and has stitches).

What a happy boy!

Here’s Sammy – just because he’s cute…


Max is a HORSE.  We brought him home when he was only 6 pounds.  Now he’s 100-something.  For comparison – Sammy is 70 pounds.  They’re both great dogs.

For dinner, I switched it up a little and made mom the pad thai tonight.  It didn’t come out quite as good as it does at home becuase I had to use different brands of sauce.  I wasn’t sure how hot this hot sauce would be so I didn’t use a ton.  And it turned out I should have.  Oh well!  I can make it for mom again later!

Tomorrow afternoon we’re off to Orlando.  We’ll tool around Universal Studios tomorrow night, but we’re saving Harry Potter for Thursday morning.  We have early admission into the park on Thursday so we’ll use that extra hour before everybody else to get into the rides before they get really crowded.

Now it’s relaxing time.  I hope you all had a great day!

Last night I packed up and got ready to head down to Florida and visit my parents for a week…

Yeah… most of my suitcase was my running stuff.  And I brought my tofu press.  No, really.  I brought my tofu press…

I’m actually surprised I managed to fit everything in there!

I did my whole meal plan for the week ahead of time because I told my mom I would cook for her all week.  So here’s the plan… (You’ll recognize most of these because I wanted to cook things I had already tried at home and didn’t want to serve any duds.)

Like that grocery list/meal planner?  Get it (and others) here!  I love mine!  (And am kind of lost without it.)

We had to get some groceries since my mom doesn’t usually make things with tempeh and veganaise, etc.  So on the way to their house we made a pit stop…

Whole Foods!  I was SO HAPPY!!!

Look at all those organic gala apples!  (PS – My mom was really getting into it and kept offering to take pictures of me for the blog.  I’m sure there will be plenty more coming this week.  Thanks mom!)

Daiya cheese!!!  I smell a vegan pizza in the works!  I’m going to have to tweak my meal plan a little to accommodate it.  But I couldn’t pass it up.

The vegan “crab” cakes came out GREAT, and my mom and I polished off a ton of extra remoulade sauce with some carrots.  Good stuff.

Now it’s time to relax and play with their adorable dogs – a yellow lab (Max) and a chocolate lab (Sammy).  I missed Max!  This is the first time I’ve met Sammy – my parents got him after we were here for Christmas.  He is such a sweetheart!  I’ll take lots of pictures this week.

PLUS – I got my replacement laptop from my dad.  Whee!  Thanks dad!

You were good to me.  :: sniff ::

<< I would put a picture in here, but my computer is dead and I don’t feel like dealing with it on this one >>

This afternoon, being the genius I am, I put my laptop on the counter and turned around to grab my phone, which I had left in my apron pocket.

Then I heard a big CRASH!!!

Turns out, when I put the laptop on the counter, I didn’t get it on there all the way.  And it toppled over and onto the floor.

I think a little part of me died with that computer today.  Wah!

Fortunately, I was able to turn it on and get all my files backed up.  It just doesn’t run properly anymore.  The jolt from hitting the floor probably cracked something or broke something loose.  Dang it.

So in a couple days I’ll have a replacement computer (thanks to dad and his miscellaneous collection of laptops).  Until then, I’ll be using the one I have for work.  I don’t really like it (it just feels awkward – know what I mean?).  But hey, it’s a computer.  Until then, the pictures might be a little scarce.  I don’t really want to load anything onto this one since it’s a work computer and all (and not even mine – I’m just borrowing it for my summer class).

I’m so sad!  And completely angry at myself.  One moment of stupidity and I cost myself a laptop that I really liked.

I should probably mention that the one I had before this most recent one also met it’s end through a fall…  That one was dropped onto my parents driveway.

Maybe I shouldn’t be allowed to carry around a laptop…

During the fall of 2009, I made the final step in eliminating meat from my diet.  I didn’t eat much meat to begin with, so it really wasn’t difficult.  Recently – during the last month or so – I took the next step and eliminated animal products in general (the big ones being dairy and eggs).  Of course, whenever someone chooses to go vegetarian (or vegan), they’re inevitably asked “but what do you eat?” and “don’t you need the protein/calcium/miscellaneous item?” or any other question that implies that they are foolish and will surely shrivel up into a little ball and pass out from lack of “nutrients.”  This seems to be even more of a concern for those loving family and friends when said vegetarian/vegan is an athlete.

It comes as a surprise to many people to know that many top athletes are actually vegetarians or vegans: Bart Yasso, Dave Scott, Sixto Linares, Robert Sweetgall, Edwin Moses, Paavo Nurmi, Bill Pickering, Murray Rose, Andreas Cahling, Stan Price, Roy Hilligan, Pierreo, Estelle Gray and Cheryl Marek, James and Jonathan deDonato, Ridgely Abele – the list goes on and on.  (I should mention that I got this list – with the exception of Bart Yasso – from John Robbins’ book, “Diet for a New America.”  There’s an excerpt here if you would like to read the details on each of these exceptional athletes.)  Here is another interesting compilation of vegetarian athletes.

I have to admit, I had fallen victim to that indoctrination into the general public’s eating habits.  There was a little voice in the back of my head that thought “I want to do this, but where oh where will I get my protein?  How will I have enough energy?”

It turns out, I actually feel better now than I did before.

Eliminating meat and other animal products from my diet has given me loads of energy.  I feel better during and after my workouts.  I’m happier.  I don’t feel weighed down all the time – particularly after meals.

I don’t worry about getting the nutrients I need because my diet doesn’t consist of junk.  I eat healthy foods and lots of vegetables.  Protein and vital nutrients are everywhere!

Tonight, I came across Matt’s (at No Meat Athlete) list of ways going vegetarian has made his life better and felt inspired to make my own.  Granted, I haven’t been doing this for a whole year yet, but there’s already so many things to include.

  1. I’m happier.  (I don’t have the guilt that an animal had to die for my dinner hanging over my head anymore.)
  2. I have more energy.
  3. My husband is eating better (and has very nearly come around to going vegan, which I never thought would happen).
  4. We are both losing weight and body fat.
  5. I am LOVING cooking (never liked it before).
  6. I have tried tons of new recipes.
  7. I have opened up my mind to countless new foods that I never would have tried in a million years before. (Hello?  Edamame?  Tempeh?  Quinoa?  Kale?  Celeriac?  Parsnips?  Rhubarb?  I could go on and on.  I know my mom likes this one.)
  8. My mom (who lives hundreds of miles away) is now eating tofu and buying organic.  Not so sure she’s gotten dad on board, but it’s a start!
  9. I can now talk recipes with my sister.
  10. I made a great friend!  (Yay Carrie!)  AND got even closer to my favorite one!  (Yay Meredith!)
  11. I (also) bought a juicer – and my husband loves it.  I had to yell at him not to juice my apples for lunch.
  12. I got a raise at work and put the whole thing into our grocery budget (it was pretty skimpy before).  Now we can actually cook real meals with real ingredients.
  13. We got a crop share with a farmer at our local farmer’s market.
  14. I have learned a LOT about myself.
  15. I’ve learned a LOT about nutrition!
  16. I’ve learned to listen to my body and what it is trying to tell me.
  17. I am far more patient. (Although my husband wouldn’t always agree!)
  18. I now frequent our local natural foods store and the “local” co-op. (45 miles away, uugh.  But totally worth it.)
  19. I have trained for a marathon.  (Going for my first one in September!)
  20. I have completed a half marathon.
  21. I have more self-confidence.
  22. I challenge myself more.
  23. I have a better body image.
  24. My skin is perfectly clear 99% of the time.  (Teen years = torture!)
  25. I’m not afraid to try something new.
  26. I love my dogs THAT much more.
  27. I learn something new every day.
  28. My cookbook collection has grown.
  29. We get a lot of use out of our dining room table (which we never used to use).
  30. I have something to blog about!

Have you changed something in your life?  How did it help you?

P.S. – Check out the recipe list at No Meat Athlete!  YUM!  I want to make those Superfood Energy Bars (and everything else on there).

This weekend I went to the Lake Placid Marathon to cheer on my friend as she completed her first ever marathon!

She smiled for the entire 26.2 miles.

Go Carrie!

Her first ever marathon and she finished in 3:51:32 (for comparison, I’m aiming for around 4:30:00.).  And got 10th in her age group!  What a rock star!

Look at that shiny medal!

First things first – I DO like my job.  I enjoy teaching and working with my students and seeing their interest in geology grow (or just begin!), and then sending them out the door with all this new information they can apply to the real world.

That said, I often think, “what else would I do if I could do anything?”

In my alternate reality, I seem to be a little bit of a hippie.  And I love it.

In my alternate reality, I am many things: a chef, a personal trainer, an entrepreneur, animal rights activist…  Yes, all at once.

You see, in this world, my best friend and I have both gone to this natural chef culinary training program and opened up a vegan bakery/cafe where we spend our days, happily cooking away and creating delicious foods and baked goods for you to enjoy.  There is also a small “shop” area where you can find lots of eco-friendly goodies, and hard-to-find ingredients (hello, nutritional yeast and daiya cheeze!).  On the side, I am a personal trainer and work with clients helping them to create a healthy life for themselves and their families.  Oh, and did I mention that we now live on a farm (plants only), have a humongous garden (which NEVER dies on me because I am suddenly an amazing gardener – HA!), and run an animal sanctuary (much like this one in southern New York)?

It’s too bad almost all of these require more school, or more money.  Boo.

I like my fantasy though!  Perhaps someday…

What would you do in your alternate reality?

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