My husband enjoyed being at the Buffalo Marathon so much that we went out the next day and got him fitted for his very own brand-spankin’ new running shoes! (Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10’s).

He said he kept watching people coming across the finish line and seeing how proud and satisfied they were and was thinking “I could do that.”  Now he wants to run with me regularly and is so excited about it that we’re going to do his first 5k tomorrow (Saturday)!  (No worries, he’s promised to do a run/walk combo so he doesn’t overdo it.)  He’s so excited about the whole thing that he’s giddy whenever he talks about running.  It’s pretty much adorable.

Our plan for him is to slowly increase his mileage of continuous running and phase out the walking (through the Couch to 5k program).  He’ll do a 5k here and there with some walking as he feels comfortable.  We’ll be signing him up for a 6 mile race on Halloween that runs at the same time as the half marathon I’ll be doing that day.  So we can run the first 6 miles together.  Then he wants to start training for the 2011 Buffalo Half Marathon and he’ll run that when I run the full marathon there.


Lots of pictures and a race recap coming tomorrow.