What’s wrong with this picture?


My husband and I were bored today and it was gross out, so we headed to a nearby mall and wandered around for a bit.  Unfortunately for my wallet, there is a Borders in this mall and I went a little nuts in the cookbook section…

I got Veganomicon for my friend for Christmas and keep trying to steal it back from her – but she always catches me.  So I decided to get myself a copy because everything in it is AMAZING.

The other two are The Joy of Vegan Baking, and The Vegan Table – both by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.  Also fantastic books.

Now I need to re-do my meal plan for the week to use some of these awesome recipes!

Oh!  I didn’t forget the 5k race recap from Saturday.  Neither of us slept well Friday night and it was also gross out Saturday morning, so we decided to rest and do something on our own later.  We weren’t registered for it (we were going to do day-of registration), so we really weren’t tied to racing that morning.  There’s plenty of other races coming up!