You may have noticed that I’ve been making a lot of things with “vegan” in the title lately.  Since going vegetarian, I’ve learned a lot about my food (or former food), and where that food comes from.

I felt so much better after removing meat from my diet – both mentally and physically.  Although we could have gotten our meat from the farmers at the local market we go to every Saturday, we didn’t.  We would still buy the “cheap” factory farmed meat from the grocery store.  And I hated that.  If you’ve looked into food at all, you’ve already heard about the atrocities that occur on a regular basis in the meat industry.  If you haven’t, you should look into it.  It really is shocking, disgusting, horrifying, and depressing.

So I removed meat from my diet and started living as a vegetarian.  And to tell the truth, I’ve never had as much fun with my food as I do now.  Removing meat from my diet was one of the most liberating things I have done in my adult life.  Now I am so much more open to trying new and exciting foods.  I love to cook (never liked to cook before).  I eat better, and I am much happier.

One thing two of my friends and I do is frequent dinner/snack nights where we all cook something and enjoy each other’s company and the deliciousness in front of us.  One of these good friends is vegan, and the other is what I call “vegetarian with vegan leanings.”  So we always make sure everything we make on dinner night is vegan.

Let me tell you, VEGAN FOOD IS AMAZING.

The flavors are phenomenal.  The food is fun and interesting.  And I love the challenge of trying a new recipe, or tracking down some obscure ingredient (not often a problem really) at the store.

So I was already enjoying vegan food.  However, as my family could tell you, I really love my cheese.  When I was little, my family always joked that I would some day open a restaurant called “Cheezos.”  I really didn’t think I could cut out the cheese.

That is, until I started learning more about the dairy and egg industry.

In actuality, the dairy and egg industry is just as horrific as the meat industry.  So many animals suffer needlessly so we can have milk and cheese and eggs.  And when they’re done suffering, they’re sent off to be slaughtered anyway.

So now I’m choosing not to buy into that system.  I could no longer eat dairy or egg products knowing where those come from and what those animals go through so I can have that food.  I don’t need to have it to eat well, and healthily.  All the nutrients I need I can get from plant-based foods that are not only delicious, but better for me, and better for everyone and everything around me.

So my vegan adventure is just beginning.  I’m looking forward to the countless wonderful meals that are waiting for me!

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