First things first – I DO like my job.  I enjoy teaching and working with my students and seeing their interest in geology grow (or just begin!), and then sending them out the door with all this new information they can apply to the real world.

That said, I often think, “what else would I do if I could do anything?”

In my alternate reality, I seem to be a little bit of a hippie.  And I love it.

In my alternate reality, I am many things: a chef, a personal trainer, an entrepreneur, animal rights activist…  Yes, all at once.

You see, in this world, my best friend and I have both gone to this natural chef culinary training program and opened up a vegan bakery/cafe where we spend our days, happily cooking away and creating delicious foods and baked goods for you to enjoy.  There is also a small “shop” area where you can find lots of eco-friendly goodies, and hard-to-find ingredients (hello, nutritional yeast and daiya cheeze!).  On the side, I am a personal trainer and work with clients helping them to create a healthy life for themselves and their families.  Oh, and did I mention that we now live on a farm (plants only), have a humongous garden (which NEVER dies on me because I am suddenly an amazing gardener – HA!), and run an animal sanctuary (much like this one in southern New York)?

It’s too bad almost all of these require more school, or more money.  Boo.

I like my fantasy though!  Perhaps someday…

What would you do in your alternate reality?