You were good to me.  :: sniff ::

<< I would put a picture in here, but my computer is dead and I don’t feel like dealing with it on this one >>

This afternoon, being the genius I am, I put my laptop on the counter and turned around to grab my phone, which I had left in my apron pocket.

Then I heard a big CRASH!!!

Turns out, when I put the laptop on the counter, I didn’t get it on there all the way.  And it toppled over and onto the floor.

I think a little part of me died with that computer today.  Wah!

Fortunately, I was able to turn it on and get all my files backed up.  It just doesn’t run properly anymore.  The jolt from hitting the floor probably cracked something or broke something loose.  Dang it.

So in a couple days I’ll have a replacement computer (thanks to dad and his miscellaneous collection of laptops).  Until then, I’ll be using the one I have for work.  I don’t really like it (it just feels awkward – know what I mean?).  But hey, it’s a computer.  Until then, the pictures might be a little scarce.  I don’t really want to load anything onto this one since it’s a work computer and all (and not even mine – I’m just borrowing it for my summer class).

I’m so sad!  And completely angry at myself.  One moment of stupidity and I cost myself a laptop that I really liked.

I should probably mention that the one I had before this most recent one also met it’s end through a fall…  That one was dropped onto my parents driveway.

Maybe I shouldn’t be allowed to carry around a laptop…