Last night I packed up and got ready to head down to Florida and visit my parents for a week…

Yeah… most of my suitcase was my running stuff.  And I brought my tofu press.  No, really.  I brought my tofu press…

I’m actually surprised I managed to fit everything in there!

I did my whole meal plan for the week ahead of time because I told my mom I would cook for her all week.  So here’s the plan… (You’ll recognize most of these because I wanted to cook things I had already tried at home and didn’t want to serve any duds.)

Like that grocery list/meal planner?  Get it (and others) here!  I love mine!  (And am kind of lost without it.)

We had to get some groceries since my mom doesn’t usually make things with tempeh and veganaise, etc.  So on the way to their house we made a pit stop…

Whole Foods!  I was SO HAPPY!!!

Look at all those organic gala apples!  (PS – My mom was really getting into it and kept offering to take pictures of me for the blog.  I’m sure there will be plenty more coming this week.  Thanks mom!)

Daiya cheese!!!  I smell a vegan pizza in the works!  I’m going to have to tweak my meal plan a little to accommodate it.  But I couldn’t pass it up.

The vegan “crab” cakes came out GREAT, and my mom and I polished off a ton of extra remoulade sauce with some carrots.  Good stuff.

Now it’s time to relax and play with their adorable dogs – a yellow lab (Max) and a chocolate lab (Sammy).  I missed Max!  This is the first time I’ve met Sammy – my parents got him after we were here for Christmas.  He is such a sweetheart!  I’ll take lots of pictures this week.

PLUS – I got my replacement laptop from my dad.  Whee!  Thanks dad!