After checking the weather last night, I determined that the only way I was ever going to be able to get my 4 mile run in today was if I woke up early and ran before it got insanely hot.

So 7:30 this morning I laced up my shoes and set out on my run.  I brought my Camelbak with me because even though it was only a 4 mile run, I knew I was going to need the water.  I’m not used to running in this heat and humidity.

Off I go!

Let’s just say it was hot.  Crazy hot.  And I definitely took advantage of the early morning sprinklers…

4 miles later, I returned to my parents’ house.  And guess what?  Their sprinklers were on too!  Woohoo!

I was a disgusting sweaty mess.

Post-shower, it was time for a delicious green monster!

Perfect!  It hit the spot.  Green monsters are always so refreshing in the morning – especially right after a good run.

After breakfast, I headed over to the pool with my mom.  It was gorgeous out, and the pool felt great!

How gorgeous is their pool?  They live in a retirement community and this is their community center.  It also has a sweet gym – which I’ll probably hit up tomorrow for some lifting.

Then it was time for some errands with mom.  I had one of my own…


I was in HEAVEN.

And I definitely splurged a little…

I KNEW going there was going to be bad for my bank account.  Oh well.

I took these bad boys for a 1.75 mile walk with my dad and the dogs later just to get used to the feel (you need to work up to running in them a little at a time).  They were pretty comfy!  But they definitely work some muscles I’m not used to!

Later in the afternoon dad and I took Max to the dog beach (Sammy can’t go for another week becuase he cut his ear and has stitches).

What a happy boy!

Here’s Sammy – just because he’s cute…


Max is a HORSE.  We brought him home when he was only 6 pounds.  Now he’s 100-something.  For comparison – Sammy is 70 pounds.  They’re both great dogs.

For dinner, I switched it up a little and made mom the pad thai tonight.  It didn’t come out quite as good as it does at home becuase I had to use different brands of sauce.  I wasn’t sure how hot this hot sauce would be so I didn’t use a ton.  And it turned out I should have.  Oh well!  I can make it for mom again later!

Tomorrow afternoon we’re off to Orlando.  We’ll tool around Universal Studios tomorrow night, but we’re saving Harry Potter for Thursday morning.  We have early admission into the park on Thursday so we’ll use that extra hour before everybody else to get into the rides before they get really crowded.

Now it’s relaxing time.  I hope you all had a great day!