The good news:

  • The Harry Potter park was amazing.
  • Mom has been enjoying my vegan meals.
  • Even though he won’t TOUCH the food (he eats like a 10 year old), I did manage to get dad to eat a vegan cookie (he didn’t know it was vegan).
  • I haven’t missed a run yet, even though I’m on vacation. (Very proud of this one.)
  • My husband made his own vegan dinner last night (tempeh “meatballs”) and then called me to tell me about it.  (So proud!!!)  *** An Update – My mom asked me to make these for dinner tonight and was shocked when I said it wasn’t from a recipe and he had just made them up.  I’m so proud of him!
  • I’m happy with the Vibram Bikila’s so far.
  • Before I left for Florida, I remembered that I had a warranty on my laptop (hooray!).  It’s now ready to be picked up from Best Buy servicing.
  • I got my hair cut (finally) and it looks great.  They took off over 12 inches!

The bad news:

  • I haven’t gotten very much done for my summer class while I’ve been in Florida. – That’s okay.  I’ll have time when I get back.
  • My husband thinks he needs to trade in his car. – Yikes.
  • Apparently I need to reformat my laptop. – A pain in the butt, but at least I didn’t lose anything.  Thank goodness for external hard drives and backing up your files!

Aside from the car business, I’d say that’s pretty good!