Thanks to my warranty, Best Buy checked everything out and determined that the hardware was all fine.  I had originally tried to reformat it, but didn’t have any CD.  They explained that Toshiba builds the reformatting software right into the computer so you don’t need a CD (convenient).  Just turn it on and press “0” (that’s a zero) when it’s starting up and you’re off and reformatting.

So instead of paying them $130 (yep, you read that right) for them to do something that I could do myself, I took it home and reformatted it last night.

And it works!!!

Last night and tonight have been reformatting/setup nights.  I’ve got all my files back on the computer – minus some old ones that can now live solely on my external hard drive.  Now it’s just getting my iTunes all situated again.  I have all my playlists and settings saved, but it needs to re-import all the files.  And I have a LOT.

My suggestion – if you don’t have an external hard drive, go get one.  NOW.  And when you do, IMMEDIATELY go home and back up everything on all your computers.  You won’t be sorry.

Another good example – the last time a computer of mine died, I had bought my external hard drive and backed up every file the NIGHT BEFORE.  How’s that for timing???

Now that my laptop is on her second life, I think she needs a name.  It has to be something with a T, since it’s a Toshiba (that’s how we do it in our family – I had Tina the Tempo and Alex the Aerio for my cars).  Any ideas?