Today was a good day!

This morning I needed to get my run in before it got hot.  I’ve also realized that if I don’t run first thing when I get up, I just won’t do it that day.  Who knew I was a morning runner?

On top of that, I needed to get to the farmers market to pick up my crop share.  So I decided to combine the two.  I packed a cooler with some ice packs and got dressed for my run.  Then I loaded the cooler into the car and headed off to the market.

Our farmers stand – We thought the guy in the blue all the way to the right would be perfect for my best friend.  A couple weeks ago I asked if he had a girlfriend.  He did.  Bummer.

I love our farmers market.  It’s a great size and fun to just wander around.

So I loaded all my food into the cooler and stuck it in the trunk of my car in the middle of downtown.  Then I took off for my run.  It was so nice to run around downtown!  There’s so many pretty and interesting sights.  It’s a great little city.

I really wanted to run right through that.

Horse drawn carriage rides through the park.

Duck pond in the park.

One of the many painted horses around town.

I tooled around town for a while and when I got near 4 miles I headed back in the direction of my car.  My run ended up being 4.1 miles.  I LOVE having my Garmin.  It’s so nice to be able to just run wherever I feel like going without having to worry about how far I’ve gone or sticking to a predetermined route.

After I got home and showered, it was time for my standard post-run green monster. Today I added a new ingredient!

My friend got this from a friend of hers who was moving and cleaning out her cupboards.  She wasn’t going to use it, so I got it.  Score!  (and thanks Mer!)

How gorgeous is that color?  YUM!

I love having a green monster after my runs in the morning.  They’re delicious, refreshing, and energizing.  If you haven’t tried one yet, go grab your blender and go nuts!

In the afternoon I went to visit my mom at her rental house and get some lunch in town.

Veggie Bruschetta.  YUM.  I’m going to have to try to make this myself sometime.

From what I can remember, it was roasted red peppers, portabella mushrooms, and zucchini with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

We also stopped by my mom’s friend’s house to pick up some herbs.  Her garden is a little overgrown and she wanted to get rid of some stuff.  Handy!

Oregano and three kinds of basil

Thyme and parsley

She also gave me a bunch of catnip – which I gave to my friend who actually has cats.

Now I get to hang out at home for the rest of the night and be on dog duty.  Jade can sometimes be weird with noises – which can cause problems with fireworks.  This is also our first fourth of July weekend with Rocket so I don’t really know how he’s going to be.  Although, seeing as somebody just set off a couple firecrackers a few minutes ago and he FREAKED OUT, I’m thinking it might be a long weekend.

I hope you have an excellent weekend!