I’ve been quiet this week since I decided to take a break from training and rehab my foot situation.

Much of my week was spent like this…

This is the best ice pack EVER.  It’s actually a knee wrap.

So far, things are coming along.  My heel is still a little sore, but feeling better than it did a week ago.  So I’m back to my training and will continue to stretch and ice like I’ve been doing.  If it doesn’t continue to feel better, I’ll make an appointment with my orthopedist and get into some PT.  But I think it’ll be alright now.

So rather than running this week I’ve been laying low.  I tried to minimize the time spent on my feet.  But that didn’t mean I couldn’t get out and have some fun!

Yesterday my mom and I went up to Schroon Lake to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery.  I decided to take the opportunity to scope out the marathon course I’ll be running in September.  The verdict: Pretty!  But the hills on the first half are killer!  I better get some serious hill training in.  At least the second half is mostly flat(ish).

My course map and notes.  I love the hill that goes from mile 8 to mile 11.  Gah!

Today, my mom and I went kayaking in the Adirondacks.  I love living here!

Me, working hard.

Lunch break

Gorgeous views.  The pictures really don’t do it justice.

So tomorrow it’s back to the training plan.  I’m going to repeat last week since I’ve had a week off – I don’t want to increase the mileage again until I redo the last one.  I hope it goes well!

Last night I was playing around online and started thinking about registering for the Disney World Marathon that’s running on January 9th.  We go to Florida to visit my parents around then anyway, so I thought it would be fun.  I didn’t register yet (it’s expensive), but I’m leaning toward going for it.

I felt very “blah” this week.  My husband was been away on field work.  I’m so glad he’s back super soon.  I really have no motivation to cook real food when it’s just for me.  So I’ve been eating horribly the entire time.  Taking a week off from training didn’t help either.  Now that I’ve made eating better and training consistently a habit, I feel really horrible when I don’t stick to it.  But that’s okay – tomorrow is another day!