Today was a good day!

The birthday festivities actually began last night when my friend (hi Carrie!) made a birthday dinner.

BBQ tofu and tempeh and corn on the cob.  Be still my heart!  Thanks Carrie!

This morning started off fairly uneventful since I had to go get an oil change, but it went uphill after that.

One of my best friends is a massage therapist and owns her own studio – and my birthday present was a massage!  I love being her guinea pig when she gets new things to try out.  Today it was time to play with paraffin wax.  Neat stuff!  So my friend gave me a fabulous massage and a paraffin wax treatment on my feet.  I told her about my recent foot issues so she spent a good chunk of time working on my right leg, and it’s felt great all day.  So that’s a plus too!

Thanks Ashley!

After that, I dropped by another friends house and enjoyed some food deliciousness (not pictured because I was too busy stuffing my face), and then headed home.

Then it was time for the hubs to show his mad skills…

It’s the only wrapping paper in our house.

YAY!!!  I may have been requesting this for about a month…

My husband made some delicious tofu spring rolls for dinner.  I took a picture but I couldn’t get one to come out well.  I think the combination of bad lighting in our apartment, plus the smooth surface of the rice paper just made it impossible.  Oh well.  I promise they were good!

After that, it was time for cake!

Now… before I show you my husband’s handy work… I should mention that this is our standard cake recipe (the same one I made for his birthday) and is completely delicious, but… well…  you’ll see…

I feel like maybe I should submit this to Cakewrecks.

Happy birthday to meeeeee… Happy birthday to meeeeee…

I hope you had an excellent day!  I’m off to play with my new food processor!