This weekend will be 9 weeks until my marathon (September 26th).

I have to say, this time around, I am feeling super excited and good about the whole thing.  Even with this most recent minor setback.  I think the reason for that is because at this point, I have been running regularly for a year.  (Just to clarify: I have been running since 1995 when I started doing cross country, but took a “brief” hiatus when I was in college and grad school.  I went back to good, solid running about a year ago.  Read the full journey here.)  When I started training for the Buffalo Marathon, I really just dove in headfirst – without enough of a running base, and without the knowledge of physiology and nutrition that is so helpful to me today.  And of course, I ended up injured, and only able to run the half marathon when the big day rolled around.  It was disappointing, but I learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.  I wasn’t taking my training as seriously as I should, and I was trying to do too much too soon.  Unfortunately, this is not uncommon amongst runners training for their first marathon.

Since Buffalo, I’ve been on top of my training.  The only time I’ve missed a run was last week when I took some time off to rest my foot.  And I have that extra time built into my schedule.  Now my foot is feeling much better and I can continue on with my training.

So here’s what I’ve got left before the big day…

  • This week (remainder): 5mi/5mi/12mi
  • 7/26: 5mi/4mi/5mi/13mi
  • 8/2: 5mi/5mi/5mi/15mi
  • 8/9: 6mi/5mi/6mi/16mi
  • 8/16: 6mi/6mi/6mi/18mi
  • 8/23: 7mi/6mi/7mi/20mi
  • 8/30: 6mi/6mi/6mi/15mi (fall back week)
  • 9/6: 7mi/8mi/7mi/22mi
  • 9/13: 6mi/6mi/6mi/10mi (begin taper)
  • 9/20: 3mi/4mi/2mi/26.2mi (taper and RACE!)

Wow!  That’s not much left!

Aside from the running, I’ll be biking 2-3 times a week to continue strengthening my quads and prevent the runners knee issues that plagued me during the Buffalo marathon.

Looking forward to it!