So Tuesday I caved and finished off the last of the cookie dough that was hiding in the back of the fridge (at least it was only a couple bites that were left).  I felt guilty for a minute, and then made myself let it go and move on with my night.  Often I find that I beat myself up over little things like that and it makes me feel worse and worse, which just perpetuates the cycle.

During the day we took the dogs to go swimming.  It was Rocket’s first time off leash and he did great! (Sorry for all the pictures.  I couldn’t resist!)

Rocket enjoying his first time swimming.

We think Jade looks like an otter when she swims.

The “water crazies.”  Any time they go in water, they instantly want to wrestle.

Rocket practically leaping over Jade while playing fetch.  Jade ignoring.

Rocket exploring.

Brother and sister exploring together.

Jade looking regal.  She’s good at that.

Today was much better!  I wanted to make a green monster for breakfast this morning, but my husband is on vacation this week and was still asleep.  Now, normally, this isn’t a problem, but our blender is a BEAST and is incredibly loud (and awesome).  So I passed and went with some toast instead.

For dinner, I worked on making a dent in the pesto I made the other day and made some spaghetti.  DELICIOUS!  The evening snack was spicy remoulade and carrots.  I can not even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this remoulade.  I know my mom and friend (Hi Mer!  See?  I didn’t forget  :-)) would agree.

Simple and Spicy Vegan Remoulade

  • Veganaise
  • Your favorite mustard
  • Your favorite hot sauce

I usually mix in a 3:1:1 ratio (mostly Veganaise), but if you’d like it less spicy, just decrease the amount of hot sauce.

Beware – if you make this remoulade, you will be addicted!  It actually goes with the vegan “crab” cakes I’m in love with (as are my husband and my mom).

Drool!  Now I want to make them for dinner again.  Perhaps this weekend?

This afternoon I went to see my orthopedist about my foot and what I’d self-diagnosed as plantar fasciitis.  It’s been going on for about three weeks. but has gotten steadily better since I took a recovery break from training two weeks ago.  I made my appointment when it was still not feeling so hot, but I decided to keep it and just see what he thought.  He agreed that it sounded like plantar fasciitis and that I was doing everything I should be to take care of it.  So no worries.  It’s feeling much better now too.  I was just being careful.

So what have I been doing to take care of my plantar fasciitis?

  • First things first, I rested. I took one good solid week off from training, and the week following that I went very, very light – so it was essentially a second recovery week.
  • Stretch, stretch, and stretch more! Any spare moment where I found myself not doing anything, I would work on stretching out my calves and achilles.  Some stretches/yoga poses I found to be extremely helpful were standing calf stretches, downward dog, and warrior pose.

Standing calf stretch (Image source)

Downward dog (Image source)

Warrior pose (Image source)

  • Ice! The first couple days, when my heel was pretty sore, I spent most of the time off my feet and hanging out on the couch with an ice pack.
  • No more barefoot in the house. I pulled my slippers back out from under the bed and made sure I wasn’t standing barefoot on hard surfaces around the house.  I didn’t know it until I talked to my mom, but apparently that can also cause plantar fasciitis (both of my parents ended up with it when they moved to Florida and a house with all tile floors instead of carpet).
  • Transitioning my running form to a mid/forefoot gait. This will lessen the extreme flexing on my achilles that occurs when I heelstrike.  It will also strengthen the muscles in my foot/ankles/calves, which will decrease the stress on my plantar fascia.

This is something that’s always going to be lurking, waiting to come back occasionally.  The best thing I can do to prevent that is to continue stretching, even when it’s not bothering me.

Tomorrow should be fun.  My husband and I are going to my coworker’s house to have a BBQ.  I’m going to bring this amazing Tequila BBQ Tofu from Vegan Dad.  My friend (hi Carrie!) made it for us for one of our dinner nights and it was awesome.  I’ll let you know how it goes when I make it!