The other night when we went to my coworker’s house for dinner, he gave us a little charcoal grill to take home.  Apparently he has about four different grills, and they never used this one.  But we’d take it!  Our old grill didn’t survive the winter of 2008-2009 when it was hit by a plow and piled up in the snowbank outside our old apartment.  When it finally melted out of the snow in April, it was a mangled mess beyond repair.

But now we have a Buffalo Bills tailgating grill!

Now, before you go making any Bills cracks…  My husband is from Buffalo.  I went to school there for five years.  Half of my family is from Buffalo.  It’s genetic.  We like the Bills.  So pffffffft.

And if you’re a Dallas fan, I don’t want to know.  🙂 (Or Patriots, but that has nothing to do with me being a Bills fan.)

Anyway!  So I prepped all the food and my husband was the grillmaster.

It’s a tough job…

Annnnnd voila!

Roasted veggies with rosemary and Vegan Dad’s Tequila BBQ Tofu (yum!)  Ive been making that fairly frequently lately because when I made the first batch I ended up with a bunch of extra BBQ sauce, so we’ve been using it up.  It’s all gone now though.


Moving on to today!

Today was farmers’ market day.  I always have a great time at the market, and today was no exception.

Live music every week.

Lots to look at!  Four big pavilions and a bunch of booths on the sidewalk too.

Isn’t summer produce wonderful?

I ended up picking up our weekly crop share, plus a couple other things.  I made a visit to my (pre-vegan days) cheese guy to say hi.  He said he hadn’t seen me in a while (probably a couple months at this point) and I explained that I had made the step from vegetarian to vegan.

But I could still get some of his delicious raspberry sorbet!

SO good.

I was thrilled with how much produce I ended up coming home with.  One half share and $14 goes a long way at the market!

Carrots, tomatoes, blueberries, three ears of corn, 1 pepper, eggplant, watermelon, tiger melon, and a super chili plant!

(Ignore the spaghetti squash.  That’s been sitting there since the fall.  I really should use that…)

While at the farmers’ market I also ran into my friend Serena and got to chat for a bit.  (Hi Serena!)  I love bumping into people there.  Everybody’s always in such a great mood.

So, keeping the recent awesomeness of the homemade Larabar experiment in mind, I wandered over to the natural foods store that is just down the road from the market to pick up a TON of dates and other random mix-ins.  It was a success!  I ended up with 1 1/2 pounds of dates (score!), dried bananas, almonds, and cacaco nibs.  It took everything I had not to bust into those on the way home.

After the farmers’ market, it was time for my run.  I was attempting to get my 15 miles in today.  I had a 5 mile run planned with my friend Meghan (who is running the half at the same time as my full).  So I intended on doing 5 miles by myself right before the got there, and another 5 after she was done.

The first 5 miles were GREAT!  There was something very different about mentally breaking it up into three 5 mile runs instead of one 15 miler.  I busted my butt (while still maintaining a pace I could sustain for the whole 15 miles) for the first 5 and ended up being very proud of the result!

  • Distance: 5 miles
  • Time: 49:09
  • Pace: 9:50/mile
  • Mile 1 – 10:05
  • Mile 2 – 9:48
  • Mile 3 – 9:43
  • Mile 4 – 9:23
  • Mile 5 – 10:10 <– going up the big (and long) uphill

I definitely felt like I could sustain that pace for a while, so I’m feeling much better about my 4:30:00 goal for my marathon!  To do that, I need to run slightly slower than a 10:00 mile.  Definitely do-able!

But this is where the grand plan went a little downhill.

The timing for finishing the first 5 miles and meeting up with my friend would have been perfect, but she had a minor contact mishap at home and ended up running a little late.  So I essentially cooled down in between.

She’s just starting her training so we went nice and slow with some walk breaks.  She wasn’t having a good run day and it was tough for her, but I’m proud that she stuck it out!  There were moments where I thought she might smack me for making her start running again, but she did it!  This was her first time trying to run 5 miles, and I’m proud of her!

When we finished our run together we went inside for a minute.  But the dogs were being cute and entertaining and we ended up staying inside longer than I had anticipated and my legs started to stiffen up (calves in particular).  I decided to stop there rather than run with tight calves and aggravate my recent Plantar Fasciitis flare up.  I had 5 miles planned for tomorrow, so instead I’ll do another 10 miles (or maybe 15 if I feel good since I wasn’t really pushing on that last 5).  As long as it all adds up, it’s good!  It’s not a big deal to break up your long run once or twice.  But you definitely can’t make a habit of it.  Besides, I really like my long runs.  It’s relaxing!

After I finished running for the day, it was time to make more Larabars!  I decided to make more of the cranberry and the cookie dough.  Plus I wanted to try making a banana nut one as well.

Banana Nut Larabar (directions here)

  • 1/3 cup dates (very coarsely chopped)
  • 1/2 cup almonds
  • 1/4 cup banana chips

Turned out I didn’t have enough nuts to make the cookie dough ones, but I ended up with 8 cranberry and 8 banana nut!  And they are sensational!

Into the fridge you go, my pretties!

That’s all for me.  I’m off to stretch and relax before bed.  Have a great weekend!