Today, I am 35 days away from my marathon! I believe around this time was when I started having knee problems when I was training for the Buffalo Marathon this past spring.  This time, so far, so good!  My knees are feeling good (some occasional stiffness/soreness, but not like before), and my heel is manageable.  It still gets a little sore some days, but it’s not going to truly go away until I can take a couple months completely off from running, which just isn’t going to happen right now.

My runs got a little shifted around this week because I spent the first couple days just recovering from the horrendous chafing incident from Sunday (yikes).  I was sore for probably about four days.  I’ve never had anything that bad before.  Horrible!

Fortunately, I’m all healed (at least enough that I can run without pain again) and was able to get my runs in this week.  I had 16 miles to get in before my long run (another 16 miles) this weekend.  With having to take a couple days off in the beginning, my shorter runs got squeezed together into one shorter run (5 miles) and one medium length run (11 miles).  But hey, I got the miles in and that’s good.

Here’s the splits:

  • Distance: 11 miles
  • Time: 1:58:47
  • Pace: 10:47/mile
  • Mile 1 – 10:40
  • Mile 2 – 10:44
  • Mile 3 – 10:42
  • Mile 4 – 10:44
  • Mile 5 – 11:11
  • Mile 6 – 11:04
  • Mile 7 – 10:56
  • Mile 8 – 10:20
  • Mile 9 – 10:51
  • Mile 10 – 10:38
  • Mile 11 – 10:52

One thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve had a really awful time getting motivated to go out for my shorter runs lately.  I finally figured out why!

We live on a very, very busy 55 mph road.  This severely limits where I can run if I’m going to leave from our house.  Yes, I could run on that road, but we know too many people who have been hit by cars, and in the time that we have lived here, there was someone who was hit and killed less than one mile down from our place.  So I’m always hesitant to lace up and head out on our road.  People just don’t pay attention like they should.

So I’m limited to the two neighborhoods that I can get to with minimal running on our road (500-ish feet or less).  Too bad I am completely sick of running in those two places.  They’re not big neighborhoods, so even a 2.5 mile route is a stretch.  I am so bored with running through there that I don’t even want to go out for my short runs.  I actually kind of dread them a little.  Okay, a lot.

So for my 11 miler I switched it up a little bit.  I drove into downtown, parked, and then ran all over town.  There’s so many more options for places to go – not to mention things to look at!  It was refreshing to run somewhere different.  I’ll have to make an effort to switch up my scenery often from now on.  The only problem with running downtown is all the tourists.  Tourist dodging could be it’s own sport!  But it definitely kept me on my toes.

In other news…

My mom is heading back to Florida in a week, so we’ve been trying to squeeze in all the things that we usually love to do before she heads back down south.  This week it was time for our annual visit to the Bromley Mountain Alpine Slides!  We’ve gone here every year since I was somewhere around the age of two.  And I love them every single time.

If you’re in the general vicinity of Manchester, Vermont and it’s not winter, you need to check these out.  They’re essentially water slides with no water, down the side of a mountain (a ski resort), and you slide down them on a sled with wheels.


View from the chairlift

Mom looks happy!

We also made a pit stop in Manchester at the Northshire Bookstore

Four shelves worth of vegetarian and vegan cookbooks.  EXCELLENT.

Today we made another outing to a ropes course that my husband and I LOVE.  My mom was nervous, but her desire to do a zipline won and she went along for the ride (as did my friend Ashley).  She (and Ashley) did great!

Unfortunately, you can’t really carry your camera with you on the course, but my friend Carrie (hi!) was about halfway through the course when we got there, so I got a picture of her!

Go Carrie!

My mom ended up doing the first two courses (there are five – they get progressively harder as you go on) and part of the third.  She was completely out of her comfort zone and did awesome!  She then played the role of photographer from the ground.

Me and the hubs

The courses weave back and forth, so there’s people and obstacles all over the place!

Lots of fun!  If you have something like this by you, I highly recommend that you check it out!

The only problem is that now my heel is hurting up a storm.  Fortunately, I’m on summer vacation, so I can get my long run in tomorrow morning.  I have to be careful not to irritate my foot too much.  It’s manageable, but I need to know when to rest and stretch.  And tonight is one of those times.  It was poor planning on my part.  But I suppose that happens.  It’s been tough fitting everything in with mom in town, but we want to spend some time with her before she heads back to Florida because then we probably won’t see her or dad until at least Thanksgiving.  So we might as well enjoy it while she’s here!  I still get my miles in.  It’s just not ideal.  But that’s life.  Part of training is finding the time to fit it in.  It’s a challenge.  Sometimes you have to be flexible.

As a random aside – how gorgeous are these raspberries we got from our crop share this week?

Yeah… they didn’t even last a day.  I DEVOURED those.