Today is our first wedding anniversary!  I guess this means we’re no longer newlyweds?

Sorry, I got a little carried away!  We had such an awesome photographer.  I love her.

It’s been a good year!  Like any marriage, we have our ups and downs, but one of my favorite things about our relationship is how we can talk about anything.  My husband is a great listener, and always makes me laugh.  He supports me in my (sometimes crazy) endeavors, and always keeps an open mind.  I’m also extremely fortunate that my “meat and potatoes” guy willingly eats anything I make – and absolutely loves vegan food.  Score!

Some highlights of our year…

Honeymoon in St. Lucia

The addition of our second dog – Rocket!

Jade’s first agility trial

Our favorite ropes course – with my husband’s new knee!

My new running partner – he’s still in the very early stages, but he’s signed up for a race with me on Halloween!

The Harry Potter park!  (Okay, I wasn’t with my husband, but it was still a highlight of the year.)

Completing the Buffalo Half Marathon – and all the support he gave me through my training!

Okay, enough with the trip down memory lane.  For our anniversary we had planned to pack a nice picnic and go somewhere pretty and enjoy being outside…

So much for that!

So instead we headed down to the mall and bought ourselves a joint anniversary present.

Calphalon cookware!  Yay!  (Oh man, I think this makes me old…)

The pots and pans we’ve been using are the ones I got at the dollar store when I got my first apartment in college.  They’re starting to come apart (no, really), and leak when they’re on the stove.  It was time for us to graduate to “adult” cookware.  It’s nice to use stuff that’s actually decent!  Especially considering the amount of time I spend in the kitchen now.

We got lunch while we were out and I ended up having an AMAZING salad with pears, dried cranberries, and pecans.  But we both were so full from lunch that we ended up scrapping our dinner plans and going straight to dessert.

Wedding cake!

Since our cake wasn’t vegan (I was only just starting to make my transition to vegetarian at that point), I wanted to have something that I could eat as well.  And what’s better for a first wedding anniversary than some Smlove?

The verdict: delicious as always.

Just a side note – I also love making smlove because you end up with lots of incredible candied pecans!

:: nom nom nom ::

Now it’s time to relax with the hubs and the puppies.  I hope you had a great weekend!