My friend Mer gave me her copy of Vegan Yum Yum for my belated birthday present.  Now, sometimes, someone giving you a used book is kind of an odd thing, but I was thrilled!  It might have something to do with the fact that I had “borrowed” it in the hopes that she would forget I “borrowed” it.  She didn’t forget, but now I get to keep it outright!  Thanks Mer!

So over the last week or two, I’ve been playing around with the recipes in there and have made several delicious dinners!

Dinner #1: Golden Chickpea and Artichoke Salad (recipe)

Umm… chickpeas, artichoke hearts, and nuts.  Three of my absolute favorite things thrown together in a bowl.  How can this not be a good idea???

The verdict: Super fast and easy to make.  Also, totally amazing.  We polished that whole thing off in minutes.  Don’t blink – you’ll miss it.

Dinner #2: Creamy Broccoli Mushroom Bake

No, it didn’t photograph well, but I swear it was DELICIOUS.  It was really easy to make, and is even better as leftovers because it has time to set up overnight.  It was also excellent cold!  Is there anything this dish can’t do?

Just a note: This is an excellent post-long-run meal.  Carrie and I devoured the leftovers after our 18 miler last weekend.

I can’t find a recipe to link to for this one – but I’ll put one up soon.

Dinner #3: Broccoli Almond Sweet-and-Sour Tofu (recipe)

Oh my, just looking at this picture makes me want to go in the kitchen and make this immediately. I would prefer to make this with brown rice, but all we had in the cupboard was leftover white rice that we’ve been trying to use up – and finally did.

Dinner #4: Hurry Up Alfredo (recipe)

This was delicious, but I felt like it was more mac-n-cheeze-y than alfredo-y.  Not complaining though!  We loved it.  My husband loved it so much he started drinking it out of his bowl.  Just a note, the first time I made it, it was a fairly thin sauce (hence the drinking).  The second time (pictured above), I threw in 2 tablespoons of whole wheat flour to thicken it up just a bit.  It seemed to work.  It was still somewhat thin, but not as much as before.