I’m feeling a little lost right now.

For the past year, my life has centered around marathon training.  I was either running, or thinking that I should be running.

Now I’m in the recovery phase of marathon training and I don’t really know what to do with myself.  The last few days have gone by so slowly and I feel so bored and antsy.  I pulled up Hal Higdon’s Marathon Recovery Plan and am following that (loosely – since I have a half marathon on Halloween).  Tomorrow I start running again, and I can’t wait!  I definitely needed to have some kind of recovery plan to keep myself from doing too much too soon.  I’ve got this feeling of “I just ran 26.2 miles!  So why the heck would I want to run just 3??”  But my body still needs to recover from that 26.2 miles!

Now that I’ve been through my first marathon, and the year of training that preceded it, I have a better idea of what worked for me and what I want to do differently the next time around.  With marathon #2 only a few months away (January or May 2011 – haven’t decided yet), I have a couple goals/training modifications:

  1. Add in swimming as my cross training activity – I would also like to add in biking, but since I’ll be training through the winter and I hate the stationary bike, I’ll go with just swimming for now.  While I do know how to swim and spent countless hours/days in the pool at my childhood home, I am a crappy swimmer swimmer.  When it comes to laps, I am a total rookie.  So bear with me.
  2. Use the New Rules of Lifting for Women for strength training – Yes, the New Rules plans are not really meant to be used in conjunction with marathon training.  I’ll use them as they are written while I’m in the lower mileage weeks.  Once I get into higher mileage weeks, I’ll tweak the plans to fit my needs.  I don’t want to overdo it.  But I am a real novice when it comes to lifting, and I need some kind of a plan to get me going.
  3. Actually do speedwork! – While I am certain I can beat my time from the Adirondack Marathon without a problem, I’d really like to get faster overall.  And that means it’s speedwork time!

I’m really looking forward to working my way back into the thick of things.  Now that I have a good mileage base, and a marathon under my belt I feel stronger and more knowledgeable about the whole thing in general.  I think this round of training will be exciting and a lot of fun!