Just a quick post to say I’m still here!

Since the marathon, I’ve been pretty quiet.  I’ve been taking my cues from my body and my mind and just rolling with the punches.  It’s been a fairly stressful couple weeks, and I’ve also been fighting a weird pseudo-head cold, which seems to get the best of me every fall when all my students come back to school and the germs are making their annual rounds.

Next weekend is our “just for fun” half marathon on Halloween.  It’s a trail race, which I haven’t done much of since high school cross country.  I’ve done a few trail runs here and there since the marathon, but not a lot.  Apparently the trail itself is fairly technical in spots, and it’s one of those races that you just do for the experience, and not for a time.  So I’m going into it with the expectation that we’ll have fun.  And nothing more.  I think that’s a pretty good plan.

However, I DO need suggestions for a costume.  It needs to be something that I’ll be comfortable running 13.1 miles in and something cheap – because it’s going to end up getting covered in mud.  My husband was going to run the 6 mile race that goes off at the same time as the half, but he didn’t follow through on his training, so he won’t be running with me.  We were going to be Hans and Frans.

Bummer.  That would have been fun.  Any ideas???