One of the exciting things about the new year is looking ahead at the year in front of you.  There is so much possibility and time.

It’s also amazing to look at the year that has passed – to see where you were when you started, and where you ended up.

I’ve come a long way in 2010, and have become a new person in the process.  I’m very proud of my accomplishments and transformation this year, and the person I have become.

2010 was a year of new beginnings:

  • We adopted our second dog, Rocket, on New Year’s Day.  He has been such a great addition to our family and we are so grateful to have him in our lives.  Even though sometimes we just wish he would go lay down and take a nap.  🙂

  • My husband got his ACL replaced, after 14 years of living with what was essentially one functional knee.  Since his surgery he’s come a long way and is now practically 100% good as new.  He now has the opportunity to do so many things that he was missing out on before, and it’s fantastic.

  • I ran my first half marathon.  It was supposed to be my first full marathon, but I was dealing with a knee injury, so I was just happy to be running and enjoying the race.  It also gave me more fuel to push hard for my marathon training through the summer.

  • I ran my first full marathon.  It was great!  It was far from perfect, since my knees just decided not to cooperate that day (they do that sometimes).  But I made it through and I was proud of myself for pushing on.  And now I have a time I can beat in the next one.

  • I decided to go back to school for my Ph.D.  This is HUGE, and is going to keep me insanely busy for the next couple years.  But I can’t wait!  I head off to New Zealand to start my fieldwork just after New Years.
  • I went vegan.  I had gone vegetarian in 2009, and made the switch to vegan this year.  I feel great and now I absolutely love cooking and experimenting with my food.  It’s been a fun trip!

I feel like I became a new person in 2010.  And I like that person very much.  I am stronger, more confident, and I know what I want and what makes me happy.  Before this year, I was just so-so about pretty much everything.  Things weren’t bad, but they weren’t great either.  And now I can say with confidence that this was a great year, and I’m very happy with how my life is going and who I am.

So what’s in store for 2011?

  • I’ll make my first trip (of many) to New Zealand to begin my Ph.D. It’s going to be fantastic in more ways than one.  First off, I’m going to New Zealand, and that’s awesome in itself.  But aside from just getting to go there, I’ll be getting my Ph.D., which will eventually allow me to advance in my career (academia) even more.
  • House hunting! We’re keeping our fingers crossed and are planning on purchasing our first house this spring.  I can’t wait to have a yard that the dogs can run around and play in!  I love houses, decorating, and renovating, and I can’t wait to have a home that we can make our own.  Plus, then we can build a full set of agility equipment for our backyard so we can continue with doggie agility!  We miss it so much since our trainer moved to California.  It just wouldn’t have been the same without Tara, so we decided to take a few months off until we had a house.

So thanks 2010!  You’ve been a great year!  2011 has some big shoes to fill, but I think it can handle it.