I am T-minus 3 days away from my first trip to New Zealand (with many more to come).  Next week I will be somewhere like this…

The Taupo Volcanic Zone (Source)

And this…

The Auckland Volcanic Field (Source)

And this…

The Southern Alps (Source)

I’m sure in between bits of fieldwork, I’ll be taking TONS of pictures.

I should also mention that it’s currently summer there.  Score!

I’ve been running around like a crazy person the last two weeks getting everything ready to go.  Since I get back right before the spring semester starts, I needed to get everything ready to go for my two spring classes.  It was stressful, but it’s done!  I’ve also got everything (mostly) packed, and have picked up all the odds-and-ends that I was missing, and taken care of all the “grown up” stuff (paying bills, cleaning, leaving my husband DETAILED instructions for what he needs to take care of while I’m away).  But I think I’ve got it all just about ready now.  All that’s left is to keep reading journal articles to get myself as ready as I can be.

I won’t have much internet access while I’m away, so things will be quiet here for a couple weeks, but I promise I’ll put some pictures up when I get back at the end of January.  But I don’t leave until Sunday, so I’ll be around until then.

Now, back to reading journal articles!