Hello blog world!

I am two weeks into my three weeks in New Zealand and it’s pretty amazing down here.  I can write a better summary later, but here’s a quick picture recap…

My first full day in NZ – we climbed halfway up Ruapehu.  So much for jet lag!

Mead’s Wall (the volcanic dike – or vertical intrusion) and Ngauruhoe in the background.  Both were used in LOTR.  Yeah, I geeked out a little.

Tongariro (the whole volcanic complex) with Ngauruhoe (the large cone volcano).  AKA: Mt. Doom

Huka Falls (in Taupo)

Hot mud pits at Waiotapu

The Taupo thermal pools

Off to the south island!  Downtown Christchurch

Christchurch Botanical Gardens

Christchurch Botanical Gardens

Heading up into the Southern Alps for some fieldwork – Porters Pass

Our field site for the day (the flat area in the bottom right hand corner).  We had a 45 minute hike each way (in and out) carrying all our equipment, but it was still completely gorgeous and awesome.

Sheep running through our field area.  I was so happy.  Sheep + pretty landscapes = happy me taking lots of pictures!

Geologists have the best offices.  🙂

All in a day’s work.  Not too shabby!